Amsterdam v. Prague

Which do you prefer?

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Just had a week in Amsterdam, now I am halfway through a week in Prague, and I am just wondering what people think of each place. I now know which I prefer, and will give a nice rant about it when I get back.
I find Amsterdam to be dirty and smelling of piss and shit..

Prague OTOH always seems to be clean, and is still much cheaper.

Just my .02
Darkknight, if you found Amsterdam to be dirty and smelling of piss and shit, then you never left the red light district. There's a lot more to the city than that. That's just where they cordon off the tourists, so they can have the rest of the city to themselves.
Where is the Both option? I love both places, although, I do find that Praque is becoming more and more expensive and very commericialized. It was alot nicer in the early 90's.
I go about once a year to both places, and both places have something special.
Its a tough call cause both cities are really good, and similar in a lot of ways..

Prague is becoming more expensive, but I still think most people will find it very cheap. In fact, I recently went on a trip to Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague - Prague came out to be the cheapest, and Budapest the most expensive, which surprised me.
Prague has a nicer setting on the hills, with forest around it. The castles are lovely and even if it's more expensive lately, it is still cheaper than Amsterdam. Way too many tourists and cheezy tourist things to do.

Amsterdam is nice with all the canals and narrow houses. The museums are top-class and the people are very friendly. It's more expensive and there isn't much to look at for the city itself.

Neither is my favourite city in Europe, but I like both. If I had to choose between the two where to spend my next city break, I'd probably choose Amsterdam simply because I've been more recently and often to Prague.
Amsterdam has an International flair while Prague remains a little provincial which has its charms as well for those who like to be charmed. Whether a place is filthy hardly discredits it as a worthwhile place to visit - there is more to life than cleanliness - I personally find Amsterdam a very refreshing city to spend time in and I certainly haven`t yet spent my time hanging around the red light district. I do remember visiting Europe for the first time in 1987 - Amsterdam was one of the first cities I visited after Lisbon(which is AMAZING and Vienna which ISN`T) - I saw an advertisement for "The Magic Flute" which I wanted to see thinking that with Europe being so cultural and Mozart etc., I should definately do. When I arrived at the location, it was a poster for a Porno film I had seen - I then understood what the woman was blowing on ...!
I immediately loved Amsterdam for that little joke!
the Boy From Bozlem
The Dam
defintely most definitely AMSTERDAM!
like Amsterdam, never been to Prague (really want to go though!)

hope you're having a great time! ohh.. i cannot wait for a Kza rant...
merry christmas!
I prefer Prague as a City, but prefer the Dam for the ganja. I have a feeling I already know which one you prefer Dr. Greenthumb
Prague is fucking shite in pretty much every way I can think of (but mostly in price and quality in general). Amsterdam rocks in pretty much every way I can think of. Details coming later.
Sounds like you had a bad experience.. I've been there a couple of times, and its one of the better European cities on the whole I reckon..
Never been to Amsterdam, but have no other option but to vote for Prague.

For those who find Prague is getting more expensive, I suggest walking off the main touristy areas and checking out some of the places where local people go.
KZA just doesn't like Prague, cause they don't have "Coffee Shops"
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