How to bypass WPS on an Alice WLAN 1121? - Germany

I want to do it manually, but I can't!

Hi all,

I recently moved to a house that had a previous internet connection with Alice as an ISP. It has a little modem/router from Alice, model WLAN 1211. The router had a password taped in on it, which turns out to be the router config password, but not the wireless one. There is no way I can see it anywhere. So, I decided to try to reconfigure the WLAN. I can only do as much as change the SSID of the network, but I can't find any option to alter the security options of said network because the bloody router insists in using push-button WPS configuration, and it always fails. Since the password stamped in the bottom of the router (the original one) has a lot of dubious characters (small/large V/Y, 0/O, about 2^8 combinations...) I really wanted to set up my own network. So far, the best solution I got was to have the network unsecured but with a completely bonkers and hidden SSID so only me and my wife know it. I really want to know if anyone can advise me on how to bypass the wretched WPS configuration so I can manually setup my WPA password for the network...

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At the bottom of the Alice Modem 1121 WLAN Wiki page are 2 links:
In the handbuch [page 25 onwards] is a description of the WLAN set-up process. It appears the wizard requires you to select either PIN [manual transfer] or PBC [push button concept] and click on "Hinzufügen" before you get to the manual configuration page for WLAN security.[Page27]

Following the Weboberflächer link from the Wiki and selecting "WLAN Probleme" reveals that problems reading the WPA key label are not uncommon:
"Die WPA Schlüssel auf dem Kleber sind oft sehr unleserlich, meistens kann man Nullen und das grosse "O" oder kleines "l" und grosses "I" nicht unterscheiden.
The advice is...
"Hier kann man sich nur per Kabel mit dem Modem verbinden und in den WLAN Einstellungen manuell einen eigenen WPA Schlüssel eintragen oder alternativ auf WEP umstellen. (Bei WEP muss der Schlüssel je nach WEP Modus 5 oder 13 Zeichen haben. Die Anzahl der Zeichen wird automatisch angezeigt."
i.e you can only connect to the modem via a cable and manually input the settings. Following the link leads to the final page in the installation wizard (as shown in the handbuch).
Can you not reset it to factory default by pressing some button for new mins?
Pushing that button does not clear the security key. I have one of these pieces of crap and I am in the process of ordering a Fritzbox from Amazon to replace it.
Type: in to the address bar of whatever browser you're using, then navigate to the following screen

Attached image

Then click on 'Verschlüsselung'

Attached image

You'll see the option to turn off WPS right there.
I was having problems with my Apple TV and Airport Express staying connected on the WLAN broadcast from this router, switched off WPS, and everything is working well now.
Hi all,

Sorry for the late reply, but I've been otherwise busy... as for the internet, I haven't been able to figure out a way around the WPS. My configuration screens look nothing like the ones you posted, Chocky. More specifically, there is no option to disable the WPS in the safety sub-menu of my WLAN, otherwise I wouldn't be having these problems. The only option it has is to enable or disable the password protection. Just that. Everything seems to be WPS-enforced afterwards. I just don't get it.

The previous tennant was using the internet by direct cable connection to the router because she also couldn't figure out how to get around this thing. So for the time being, I'll be stuck with a non-broadcasted SSID for an unsecure network. Better than no internet at all...
Hi All,

Wanted to bump this thread as I am running into issues as well with WPS on an Alice WLAN.

Every time I come back to my apartment, I need to hit the button and connect my mobile by going into the option tree for WPS connection. It does not take long but a real pain to do each time. Does anyone know if there is a way around this?

I would prefer to just enter a password for the router that would be automatically saved on my phone to make the connection easier - but I am not sure if this is possible.

Add on to this then that my laptop, which has WPS capability, will not connect in the same method as my phone. It keeps asking for a PIN which I cannot seem to locate.

Any insights on the above would be appreciated!

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