Nikolaus Christkindl steam train - Munich

Christmas entertainment for kids

I am visiting Munich this weekend with my 9 year old twin boys. A while back I saw reference to a Christmas train. Does anyone have any information on this? My boys are mad on steam engines.
Mark Rowlands
I've heard that there is a Christmas tram but I don't know much about it except that it leaves from Sendlinger Tor and goes around town - if my info is correct (it's my first winter here, sorry).

For steam engines (and all sorts of machines, etc.) I'd take the kids to the Deutches Museum, but I suppose you're planning to go there anyway.

Hope you enjoy your weekend here!
Desperate Housewife
On Sunday 11th, there is a steam train doing 1 hour trips around Munich. It leaves Ostbahnhof at 10:00, 11:30, 13:30 and 15:00. Tickets cost EUR 12 for adults and EUR 8 for children and can be bought on the train. The German "Nikolaus" is also on the train and has a surprise for the children.

I took my son last Sunday and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Have fun !
Here's your chance to put a sparkle in little Johnny's eye with the magic of Christmas.
The Nikolaus Dampf Zug (Christmas Steam Train) sets off everyday from Ostbahnhof, bringing the children from all the kindergartens to see St. Nikolaus.

It's a real steam engine built in the 1930's seen here on YouTube
Further information can be found at this .pdf link about actual times of departure from Ostbahnhof.

On Saturday and Sunday it is open to the public for trips round the city.

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We did the trip today. Kids were happy, so was I - Augustiner was on board.
Hi all. The German sites are a bit confusing: is this train actually running every day at present or just this Sunday?

thank you

The dates are Sun 6th Dec and Sun 13th Dec.

The train leaves from M√ľnchen Ost at 10am, 11.30am, 13.30 und 15.00 and it lasts for 1 hour.

Done this last year - nothing special, the cars are not so old actually, so they do not have this special atmosphere...
Kids liked it though and Augustiner was on board so we had some fun eventually
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