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HSBC is an international bank and as such has its 'international' arm together with offshore.
I have a bank account with RBS in Manchester since my student days & I've been here since 1982... It was no problem to open an additional account (some sort of savings account) with them last year.
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As above, the problem is not opening a new account with your existing bank, but opening an account with a new bank. In theory, this shouldn't be a problem, but in reality many will turn you down. The only answer is to use Moneyfacts to find the best rates, and then ask each provider individually.

On a separate note, don't invest more than £35,000 with any one bank (that's how much the government will cover you for should the bank collapse), and be very wary of investing with any foreign banks, especially the Icelandic ones.
depending on your age and when you would like the other funds/pension to kick in additionally to your UK-pension: did you consider of investing some of your money for the next 2-5 years (you can defer the pension payment easily until age 67 or even more with these plans) into a RIESTER pension plan (of course without Zillmerung) if you are an employee and a RÜRUP plan if you are self-employed in order to get some tax subsidies on top of your money for the German side of your pension equation?
That could make some sense if you are willing (in case of the RÜRUP) that all that money is only turned into a secure pension rathen then into available cash...

Does anyone know which bank currently offers the highest interests on savings account here in Munich?

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So far as I know, the highest interest rate is offered by Deutsche Bank (5.25%). You have to deposit at least 2500 Euro for one year, and the money has to be considered as "new cash".
Check the details in the DB branch in Munich.
The Credit Europe Bank is a Dutch bank with a German subsidiary. Savings are guaranteed 100% up to 100,000 € for at least the next year by the Dutch government fund (presumably when things settle down it will return to the previous 20,000 € limit). At present they are offering 5.75% for Tagesgeld to new customers, which has got to make it one of the best offers available at present.

The bank is only available via internet banking, you can deposit money from any bank, but money will only be paid out to the account you specify when you open an account with them, so it should be pretty safe.

Here's a link to their home page.
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interest is only payed annually on that account, so whilst the nominal rate might be higher than other accounts, the effective rate is possibly not as good (although I haven't come across one yet)
Thanks OG, I forgot to mention that bit, because I just park any spare money I've got each month and forget it.
The Postbank are offering 5% on their Tagesgeld+Girokonto account.

More information at or any post office.
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