Where to watch Olympics opening ceremony - Berlin

Berlin bars showing it live?

I have some British visitors here in Berlin who are hoping to watch the opening ceremony live. Anyone know of bars likely to show it?
I really want to watch it too.... where, please someone??
And me, I was about to post a message asking the same question! I've googled to see if any bars are advertising and can't find anything. If all else fails, they are showing on the ZDF TV channel but watching it in a bar with people to cheer along with would be fun. I'm a Brit and Danny Boyle is apparantely showcasing the best of being British so it should be good. My bf is a Kiwi so he may not appreciate it in the same way!
Oscar Wilde says they're showing it on their website
I expect that pretty much any Berlin bar that shows sport will be showing it, however if you want it in English, then as mentioned Oscar Wilde on Friedrich Str, Finnegans on Berg Str (Stegliz) or Belushis Rosa Luxenburg Str (Mitte) would be good bets.
I'd say "in London", but that's just me...
I've heard that it's playing at Tempelhof Airport. Apparently they have big screens and it's meant to be the biggest Olympic festival outside of the UK, so that's where i'm heading
Went to the Oscar Wilde, which was a good place to see it. Surprisingly quiet, though, I thought it would have been packed out. The drunken French students bursting into La Marseillaise when the French team came out was funny too.
Belushi's Bar
Hey Guys,

In case you're still looking for a place to watch the Olympics, we've got the action non-stop at Belushi's in Mitte.

We've also got our Happy Hour running from 5pm - 10pm every day of the games.

We'll have the closing ceremony as well!

Enjoy the Olympics and we hope to see you sometime soon.

Cheers, The Belushi's Crew.
Shame you dont have any offer on with Magners or other ciders, or Id be down there quicker than you can say 'St Christopher's Inns'..or maybe you do?

Cider in this weather is loverley.
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