Ideas for improvised room-darkening shades - Germany

Where can I get cheap dark fabric or the like?

Maybe you noticed it's not dark til about 10:00 these days, at least in Bayern. I've got two or three bedrooms I'd like to equip with room-darkening shades. Currently the rooms have just simple curtains. The windows are not rectangles, they are angled at the top. I could go to IKEA and pay 60 EUR per pair of panels and then butcher them and get them to fit somehow, but I'm too cheap for that.

If I had the fabric, I think I could rig up some way of holding it over the window, like eye hooks in the ceiling or stretch it over a wooden frame...but I don't know where to get cheap fabric (or something like it). I haven't checked this, but I think if I just walk into a fabric store and ask for heavy, light-blocking fabric it will be expensive. It's cheesy, but I've even thought of using black plastic, but I don't think my wife would go for that. Does anyone have any ideas?
The english kid stuff website has some sheets of black, presumably plastic stuff which clings to the window by static (magic black out blinds), so is easy on, easy off, and cut to size-able. It has recently got cheaper, but is still £27.50 for 10 sheets - note quids not euros, each 60x80cm. They do not do euro post, but I have a plan. I have been procrastinating and not doing it, if you want some too I am more than happy to order 2 sets, that's no extra faff at all. It is, however, still covering your windows with plastic, even if it is posh kid store plastic, and if you are going to need loads of sets, it's not even going to be especially cheap. It is also presumably a bit of a pain to completely remove them daily.

If you think of a better plan, please post it here so I know, too!

Ps I have been thinking about the fabric-stretching exercise, too, but any gaps will be mega-bright and it will still, as you say need to be the lightproof stuff. Hmmm.
Black-out curtains in Hamburg?
Where can I buy them?

Some ideas there, including IKEA. You might want to check prices before jerryrigging.
Ok, I searched TT for "room-darkening shades" and found nothing, but there it was under "black-out blinds."

I'm going to have to do some measuring. Kiplette, the price for the "stick to the window" stuff looks reasonable, but I don't want to apply and remove them from each window daily. I'd have to figure out a frame. The Baa Baa Blinds look interesting too. The roller blinds that have worked for others aren't going to work here because of my angles at the top.

If I end up doing anything I'll report back.
black construction paper (like kids use for cutting out projects) - worked well in our last house for my kid's room
In Alaska, a lot of people who moved up from the lower 48 and couldn't stand the 24-hour daylight in summers used aluminum foil to black out windows...worth a try.
Poohsan, did you stick it up with blue tack, and have to take it off each day, and if so was that a terrible faff?

@tiya ivy - all those tin-foil hat jokes seem rather tame compared to doing all your windows. I guess the thick stuff would be strong enough...
Alternatively just equip your family with eye masks like they give you on aeroplanes... the longest day has been and gone already.,31542,1852305,00.html
Since you already have curtains in place, perhaps you could use something like this (blackout thermal curtain lining) to either line the curtains properly or attach it to the top seam of the curtains using hooks and eyes so that it's removable and can be washed separately (e.g. hooks at the top of the lining with eyes attached to the edge of the curtain tape).
You could create a removable rectangular screen nearer the glass using canvas material with one of those stiff wires top and bottom that you get for screens that you hook onto hooks fixed to the window frame. If the gap above lets in too much light, you could stick something to the glass to cover that space (e.g. decorative stickers), or glue velcro to the window frame and create a fabric screen of the right shape with velcro around the edges.
You could mount a hook with a sling in the center of the gables (I assume the windowcase is angled, too). If you put a long piece of dark cloth through the sling to let if fall on either side and fix the outer seam to the sides of the case it'll look nice and does the trick.
scotch tape as the window frames were vinyl
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