England flags in Königstein/Kronberg

Is yours hanging out in full view?

So I've seen the odd England flag hanging from homes in Kronberg and Königstein. Anyone on here responsible for any of them?

I havent got one hanging I have to admit. I even have to drive a car with two Germany flags in the back windows - schame mich.

I live in part of PLZ 61462 where I was convinced I was the only English inhabitant..... until I saw a St Georges flag hanging from a house up the road.

I'll quickly hang one up if England win it!
I'll quickly hang one up if England win it!
Why jump on the bandwagon after winning?
If you want to show support then do it now.
Where are these flags exactly Mezzo?? I'm having a barbecue this weekend and they would come in very handy.

p.s If your planning on getting one do it quick as they'll be emptied sooner rather than later.

(yip, at least they qualified )
One in the valley below the castle in Kronberg. Another just up from the steepest part of the Rund um den Henninger Turm bike race.

Cryptic. Its a bit like Treasure Hunt, isnt it?


We have a smaller car, for which Im on the look out for a St Georges flag. I should have thought ahead and got a cross of st george duvet cover that I could hang out of the bedroom window each morning.
ok....when england win the next match.....lets go and jump in the fountain on the roundabout in Königstein.....just like the germans do!!
good call. im heading up there later to fill it with Carling Extra-Cold.
So................looks like it's empty here.....everyone busy praying?

I have still no england flag, just two german wing mirror covers but I am not scared of showing support for my home team...........just couldn't find any English stuff where I live!

I wouldn't waste good beer by pouring it into the fountain......I would filter it first......personally;-))
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