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Summer 2012


My husband's contracting firm is moving us this summer to Stuttgart. Never been there and know very little German.

He will be working for eucom on base but we need a house off base; we will have one car to start with, we have one toddler, 2 cats; we currently live near DC; we would like if possible a small house/townhome 1500 sq feet would be great with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a yard, green area, family friendly neighborhood, quiet but not too far from Stuttgart downtown as I stay at home and do lots of activities with my kid.
Can we even get a house like this and for about $1800 a month without utilities?

Is it easy to get a house and how fast can we get one for July?

Is it really 1 to 3 times the cost of the house to sign a contract?

We'll be there 1 year and possibly 2. Are the leases like in the US renewable each year?

Thank you in advance,
Welcome to TT. If you haven't yet read this Wiki page, then it's time to do so. Lots of information on the German rental system, which is very different to the US, although probably not soo different to Belgium.

It is not easy to get a house, and you will find it difficult to find a rental from afar, as most landlords and agencies will want to meet you personally before they are willing to rent to you. You do need to be prepared to improvise for a bit, as you may need to live in a hotel or temporary accommodation for a bit, until you find something.

However, it can't hurt to look even now. Please use the search function, as there are many threads with good suggestions.

As you are coming with the military, I am moving this to the military sub-forum so more people who may have better knowledge of your situation will see your thread.
Thank you the.frollein.
You're welcome, sorry I can't be of more help to you. However, I did find this thread: Renting an apartment or house in/near Stuttgart to a posting with links for housing searches. The thread itself is five years old, but many of the links are still valid.

All the best, as you prepare for your move!
Oh, wow. Thanks! This will help a lot. I'll be in France for a month in 2 weeks, so I'll contact the agencies and look for housing once there. Hopefully we'll have a place for when we arrive late summer. I'll keep searching the threads; this forum seems to have a lot.
THank you again,
Welcome to TT!! I'm fairly new to this site but I posted a similar question a couple of months ago and I received pretty good tips. We are a GS family from VA and just moved to Stuttgart a little over 3 weeks ago (my husband has been traveling to Germany for years now though). We are currently staying in a hotel with our 2 kids and one dog, it's pretty cramped but we are making the best of it. I wasn't prepared for this cold weather we are having so it wouldn't hurt to pack a jacket for you and every member of your family... just in case, the weather is pretty unpredictable here so I've been told. I started searching for houses while still back in the states but like someone mentioned above, there's nothing you can really do until you get here. We started house hunting last week and so far we've seen about 7 houses. We are pretty laid back and willing to compromise but because we need a large yard for our dog and kids, it seems that our search will take longer than expected. There are a few sites you can look at and get an idea of what's out there. Stuttgart is part of the Baden-Wuerttemberg state and there are several districts within the state, one of them being Stuttgart, then there's Boblingen, Esslingen, Waiblingen (which is part of Rems-murr) and Ludwigsburg. There are a few more but the ones I mentioned are the closest to all American bases here in Stuttgart or I should say that those districts are the ones that are directly attached to the middle (Stuttgart). You can search on http://www.immobilienscout24.de and have google translate the page for you. You can also search http://www.stuttgartrealtors.com/ or/and http://www.stuttgarthomesonline.com/rental.aspx
Those pages are pretty helpful, the one I used the most is Immobilien Scout 24 because it has a large amount of homes listed. And yes, agents do charge up to 3x the rent for their fees... which is silly because all they really do is open the door and show you around, when you sign a contract, and something goes wrong with the house or you need something, you deal directly with the landlord. The agent does not work as property manager like they do in the states. But since your husband is a contractor, it might be in the contract that he will get reimbursed for such fee, maybe a small portion of it... you might want to look into that.

Good luck and I wish you the best of your move, it can pretty stressful but it's worth it ... don't hesitate to ask any question
Thank you so much, LatinChick! This is very useful. I"ll check into these and I'll search for your post too.
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