Rights and benefits of citizenship in Germany

And in the European Union

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Hello again friends of Toytown.

Some of you may have been following my other posts on these forums, and here I am at it again! Recently, I affirmed that I am still a German Citizen, and that made me wonder about my rights as a citizen in Germany and in the European Union.

What sorts of perks have the citizens of Germany earned? What are some of the responsibilities of German Citizens?

I understand there are laws that give EU citizens benefits of all EU citizens while one is in any EU state.

I would love some readings or articles that I can scan to appease my curiosities.

Thanks a lot in advance! I know someone out there is going to knock the ball out of the park on this one, so to speak.
It basically means you may live and work in any EU country you choose. The US expects you as a US citizen to file taxes in the US forever no matter where you are living but Germany does not expect that of their citizens. If you are an employee as opposed to self employed, you don't even have to file, they will just let your employer take care of it.
Although TT is perhaps not quite the right place to ask this question, as it is a forum for English-speaking expats in Germany, I know that several members have attained German citizenship - there are some threads, for example I've decided to become German, that might provide interesting reading for you.

Also have a look at deutschland.de and bundesregierung.de, for more reading material.
[s]I would have been more impressed had you asked not only about the rights and benefits, but also about the duties of German citizenship[/s]

Thanks for pointing that out, ruapehu. Missed it completely.
Actually, he did ask about responsibilities if you read his post.
What sorts of perks have the citizens of Germany earned?
You get to pay the bills.

What are some of the responsibilities of German Citizens?
You're not allowed to criticise any non-German.
is he obliged to join bundeswehr belatedly?
perks, you get to work in any EU countries, you get a broad safety nets when you are unemployed, you get good benefits when you have children, cheap and good education, but these also apply to non-citizen residents.
did you manage to contact your father by the way?
is he obliged to join bundeswehr belatedly?
No one is obliged to join any more. They did away with that in 2011.
ahh that's right, forgot that one.
main responsibility is you have to pay taxes! and lots of them.
Man, wheres keydeck and baddoggie today?
What are some of the responsibilities of German Citizens?
Keep your garden and yard tidy and clean at all times.
And sort your rubbish correctly, or else!
And mind everyone else's business so they don't have to.
1. Your main rights are right to reside and work in Federal Republic and anywhere in European Union. In particular, you have a right to do nothing for 14 years and receive a good salary for it: http://www.thelocal.de/society/20120411-41879.html
2. If you reside in Germany and don't have any job, you are entitled to Harz IV (unemploeyment benefits).
3. You can participate in local, state and federal elections.
4. You have a right to gain German passport which allows visa-free travel to many countries of the world: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/8a/GermanVisaFreeTravel.png/800px-GermanVisaFreeTravel.png
5. When being outside Germany, you have a right to have consular protection in case your rights are being violated by authorities (if you have two citizenships, this doesn't apply to the country of your second nationality).

You have only one obligation: obligation to have German ID (Personalausweis). If you live in Germany, you have other obligations which apply to all residents irrespective of their nationality. In particular, obligation to pay taxes, obligation to register your address in the city hall etc.

Also, German nationals cannot give their children the name they want like in the US, they have to choose one from the list of permitted names.
6. They can draft you until you turn 65 (55 for women).

(Note: The draft still stands. Art 12a GG. Nothing to do with conscription, which is currently not enacted)
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