Munich bicycle laws - rules for bike riders

Bells, lights, pavements, one-way streets, etc.

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I have searched and searched on the web to find a site that gives the bicycle laws in Germany and/or specifically Munich. Does anyone know where I can go to find these? Thanks!

before you do that minds i would advise you to get the loudest, biggest, mother of all bells fitted on your bike.

that has to be rule no1 of happy successful biking in these parts.

as for online help try adfc, the biking equiv of adac.

on yer bike
Thanks Flogger! I'll check out the site, although my German is super rusty. I had heard about bells being required and it's those exact "quirky" kinds of laws I'd like to know about. For example, I want to bring my 2 year old's bike seat and attach it to the bike I buy when I get there. Is this legal or do kids have to go in a trailer? Just trying to sort out what to bring and what not to, and as an avid cyclist I'm having a hard time paring down my bike equiptment list. Thanks again!!

Mindy you beat me to it. I was thinking about getting a pair of bikes but worried about all the regulations.I am curious about the biking laws also but don't speak a word of German. I prefer to glean my information from [font="Courier"]nice funny stories[/font] that people have.

Like the time my wife and I were walking on a quiet Sunday morning and a girl rode past us in the bike lane and for no apparent reason her handlebars turned sharply and she went head first into the pavement! We stopped to help but she just brushed herself off and continued. No helmet. She almost bashed her skull in.
Applicable information: There are no Helmet Laws in Munich.

Someone here once talked about getting fined outrageous fines for biking the wrong way or not having a light attatched.
More stories anyone?
You cannot bike the wrong way anymore. It used to be the case that you had to go on the cycle-path on the side of the road appropriate to your direction of travel. This law has been changed and no longer applies. Anyone who says otherwise just doesn't know.
if you get caught disobeying laws on a bike (running a red light, being drunk) they will not only charge you a hefty fine, but also put "points" onto your german d.l. they could also revoke your d.l.

i was told when i first arrived that your bike hda to be equipped with a dynamo, a light producing device when you PEDAL along. that my battery light was not appropriate because the batteries could go dead at any time (i said i refused to put a dynamo on my mountain bike! how dorky!). also told that the blinking red light i had for the back, distracted drivers that is why i had to set it to constant red. well if my light blinked, they i obviously got the driver's attention, was my argument.

have not been bothered since and i still have no dynamo. but at night, you need a light.
3 Lions
I have been told that you have to have the lights switched on even if you are walking with your bike? Also Lights with batteries are not permitted just in case the batteries go flat and you forget to change them
i had an unpleasant experience a few weeks ago on my bike. i was coming back from the englischer garten and ended up on a one-way street. well, instead of heading straight for the oncoming traffic, i hopped up on the sidewalk. i had only a little way to go before being on leopold and back to the bike lanes when i was "pulled over" by 2 policemen!! i couldn't believe it. i got stopped on my bike. don't they have anything better to do? anyway, they told me i had to push my bike. i couldn't ride the wrong way on the road and i couldn't be on the sidewalk. damn.
I got fined for cycling on the cycle lane in the wrong direction. So dont do it when the cunts are watching.

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Lights with batteries are not permitted just in case the batteries go flat and you forget to change them
By that logic, bulbs should be illegal beacuse they could blow. So should pneumatic tires, because you know they're going to go flat at some point
i would advise you to get the loudest, biggest, mother of all bells fitted on your bike.
Everytime one of those jokers trys to rule the road with his bell I wish I had one attatched to my belt buckle to ring right back at them. I hate how the bikers assume that if you are anywhere near where they think they should be or if you are thinking about thinking about stepping toward them even if they are 200 ft. away they ring their bell.

Makes me want to get a loud big mother of all bells fitted on a bike and go for a ride just for the fun of pissing off some Deutschkopfs. Take an air horn. Hook it up to the Dynamo.

Another note. I saw a Donald Duck squeeze horn on one bike. Priceless.
OH MY!! You guys are too funny! Thanks for the info... I'd write more, but my I'm splitting my side laughing!!


I just had to edit this to thank Cromwell for posting his ticket. That was above and beyond... cheers!
Just went to that bike shop on Shelling Str. Good stuff.
One question popped into mind... is it illegal to use headphones and ride a bike? I know that it is stupid to do because you won't hear other peoples' bells and I don't ever see people doing that. Can you get in trouble for it?

I also never see people wearing sunglasses when they ride. I mean, I would need something to keep the wind away from my contacts and the glare from my eyes. Did some important German person somewhere tell all Germans that they should never wear sunglasses because they cause immediate death or something?
Don't run pedestrian lights!!! Punishment!!! Although, "jaywalking" is accepted ... perhaps, if necessary, get off your bike and jaywalk with it.
Was there ever and answer to that sunglasses question?
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