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To make homemade facial masks and scrubs

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I arrived in Germany a couple of months ago and have been trying to find some items. Does anyone know where i can go to find essential oils that i can use for making homemade facial scrubs and masks? I am also looking for jojoba oil and glycerin. I'm thinking the apotheke but I didn't know if there were any other options. I appreciate the help

Jojoba oil


You can order essential oils from Amazon.


Translation help.

Make sure it's not Lampenöl or Duftöl. (oil for fragrant oil burners, fragrant oil)
Chemist or Reformhaus will stock those.
I always wondered why they are called "essential" when 98% of people don't use them.
Thanks ladies! Camlough, is reformhaus different from an apotheke? i'm hoping to find something locally...fraufruit, you bring up a good point lol
A Reformhaus is a health food store.
oh ok so alnatur (sp?) might have it. great. thanks!
Yes, some place like that.
They have a couple of essential oils (I've found Orange, Lemongrass, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Tea Tree) at DM, Rossmann, and Nanu Nana, in the same area as the Parfum/Duftöl varieties (except the Tea Tree, which is in a different section--herbal remedies or similar, and is the good stuff I used to get in Australia). Not sure if maybe you're looking for a higher grade or something, but I use them all for cleaning and occasionally bath products. Oh I've also seen them at Kaufland.
I would pm essertpitay. That dude knows all the great places or as he would say Minga!
You could also try

In Munich there is a shop called Spinnrad. Looks like you can order online or maybe there is a branch near you.
Brennessel has 2 stores in Munich plus a big online shop - they should have all that you need.
For my facial cleanser (oil cleansing method) I get Jojoba and tea tree (Tee Bäume) oil from Alnatura. They have a pile of other essential oils as well. Good luck!
You can get liquid glycerine at the apotheke. Where I got it, they filled as much as I needed, not sure of you can get pre-measured amounts. But no problem to fill to order.
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