Random calls, phone rings once thru-out day& night - Germany

No id given, how to stop

For a few days now our phone has been ringing just once and then stops and then a few hours later it rings again, mainly it starts around 6pm continuing every few hours throughout the night until late morning 11am and then is quiet most of the day.

On the display it says 'call' whatever that means - with a normal phone call the display is either the number calling or 'withheld' so I don't know what 'call' indicates. Maybe because it only rings once it is too short for the phone to register the originating phone number?

There doesn't seem to be a *69 service (or 1471 in england) here in germany.

It is starting to disturb me altho strangely they don't wait for us to pick up - isn't that usually the thrill part for crank callers? I wonder if it could be computer generated or something.

Any ideas of what can be done?
Try blocking all numbers you dont know..I remember vaguely reading somewhere on TT about this. Maybe you might find some info on

Dealing with Anonymous & Crank phone calls in Germany
Strange telephone calls from unknown numbers

It could also be that you might have given your number to somebody recently and then he/she hops on to voip and calls you..Calls from voip are generally displayed as withheld or some random number.
Had the same problem with my first phone here in Munich. The landlord had set up a Deutsche Telecom VOIP solution for the apartment (i.e. combined phone/internet). It turned out to be an issue with the VOIP setting.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the exact issue, was, since all I did was phone him to complain about it, and he sent out a technician.
Any ideas of what can be done?

Unplug it at night?
maybe it is an unanswered voice mail? there could be a voicemail that is letting you know to check it, the automated telephone system probably has to dial you after 6 hours then 12 hours etc..
Do you use any call-forwarding options?

I have a Skype number (U.S.) that is forwarded to my home phone, and if there is no answer it goes to my cell-phone.

I don't remember the details, and I don't get calls that often, but there was some problem with the "number of rings" set-up, where it would forward before I had the chance to answer it.

There was also a related problem where the caller was experiencing a lot of rings before I heard the first one, so by the time I would get one ring, they gave up.

Try reaching out to your overseas friends/family most likely to be trying to get a hold of you.
I had this problem - but only with phones connected to a VOIP router. When the broadband dropped and reconnected there was a single ring on the phones. This was Siemens kit - does not happen with Fritz.
Would it not be easier to just take the phone off the hook?
What's the point of having a phone if you've got to keep it off the hook!

It does sound a bit like it's ringing you to tell you you've had a call, my phone calls me back if I've missed a call and keeps on doing it until I listen to the message. Who is your provider?
Bobo der Bär
It does sound a bit like it's ringing you to tell you you've had a call, my phone calls me back if I've missed a call and keeps on doing it until I listen to the message. Who is your provider?
I'd second that, we have exactly the same issue but its not a problem. We have several lines and they are set to divert to our answer machine if not answered or busy, if a message is left the phone rings displaying "call" and will continue to do so every so often until we either check miss calls, phone answer machine or answer it.

It might also help Mendyh if you also add what provider and router/phone you are using etc for someone to try and give a better diagnosis.
I guess that shoots a big hole in my jealous lover theory.
wow so many helpful replies!! thanks to everyone!! To answer some questions it is just a regular telecom landline, not hooked up to skype or any other forwarding phone numbers. It is not the phone telling me there are messages (I checked that, no messages and it has never done that in the past) nor a call received altho those were good ideas!

I read with great interest the other links (thanks I had searched but had not come upon those threads) and from some old posts there seems to be a service that one can try to trace calls so we will try that but they say it's for 'withheld' calls, and these are 'call' but I will still try that.

One thing that seems peculiar about these calls is that it just says 'Call' - not 'withheld'

They called 4 times last night. Once at midnight and 3 times at 1am. For the first time they let it ring more than 1 ring and I thought then some more identification might pop up but it continued with 'call'. Then I answered it without saying anything, there was a moment of silence and line went dead.

yes I know i should just turn it off at night but I've got two elderly parents back in the states one overcoming a major illness and this is the number they know and have handy. Besides I would have more peace of mind if I knew who it is, than my imagination wouldn't have to kick in wondering why.
Just a follow up in case others come across this... to the few who mentioned router you were on to it. The phone company told us this sometimes happens when they update the software but the router is older (ours is 3 years old). To test, they had us unplug our phone from the router and directly into the dsl splitter which basically connected it to the regular analog telephone which we did and no more anonymous calls.

If it had been crank calls and we wanted to trace then telekom can put a trace on incoming calls. To get one must request a 'Fangschaltung', if you call in the morning they can have it working by that afternoon (and last 14 days) but you won't be able to get the information on the calls until you sign some paperwork and pay €140.

thanks again for everyone's ideas!!
Once at midnight and 3 times at 1am
how can they call three times at the same time?!
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