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I was checking out a few places for used cars. I'm not looking for a banger but a one year old car from a garage with a warranty, etc..

I loaded up http://www.gelbeseiten.de/ and searched for Car Sales within 10km of so of Munich, and got a few places.

I also looked at Autoscout24.de - a good site if you know exactly what car you want! Not good for one who just wants to 'car browse'.

Went to the three or four places (was looking specifically at Peugeot garages at the time), and asked to see their second hand cars... at all of the garages, I was directed to a corner of the parking lot, where I saw two or three forlorn, lonely looking bangers. One place just had two - an 8 year old merc, and a 6 year old VW with different coloured doors and bonnet!

Does anyone know of any used car 'supermarkets' in or around Munich? One of those places with lots of different brands of car.

I'm also looking at the moment. You have a number of possibilities.

mobile.de and autoscout24.de are probably the best in terms of websites.

Landsbergerstr and on into Bodenseestr are basically very long streets with loads of used car dealers on them. Kreillerstr leading into Wasserburgerlandstr also has lots.

The magazine Kurz und Fündig always has loads of car ads and comes out twice per week. It's also online.

The drive-in cinema at Ascheim has a very large used car market I think every Saturday morning, but you'll have to check on that one.

Good luck!
sundays on ludwigstrasse by the uni, you'll find loads of motors on show, sort of a turkish equiv to arthur daleys used car market.

bargains a plenty. honest.
Frankfurter Ring, at least between Schleissheimerstr & Leopoldstr. has several dealerships.

Like Keydeck said, both mobile.de and autoscout24.de have the largest coverage of used cars, both private and dealer supplied (the links are to dealership searches).
Agree with keydeck and randy. There are 3 main centres of car dealerships in Munich: Landsberger Str., Wasserburger Landstr and Frankfurter Ring, the first 2 being the big ones. Most of the dealerships have used lots and on the first 2 streets above there are also independant places. Try the Skoda dealership on Frankfurter ring, the used lot there has loads of stuff.
Just go to Landsbergerstrasse.
Mobile.de, Autoscout24.de
Propellor Head
If you are in the market for a one-year-old car, a Jahreswagen, then check out the offers from local companies - BMW, Audi, MB. Most car firms offer special discount deals allowing their employees to buy a new car at approx the street value of a "JaWa", the theory being that the employee can buy a new 'un every year at minimal cost.

Of course if you do this and go for a mundane run-out model, for example a low spec BMW 320d touring, then you will have to drop your trousers to get rid of it, but if you choose sensibly, for example a new Merc SLK, include the toys people want, ie navi at the moment, get the right colour (silver and its derivatives accounts for 50-plus per cent of new car sales in Germany) and price it aggressively, you are in the money.

mobile.de is a good alternative to scout24, search on Jahreswagen.
We are looking at buying a used / 2nd hand car, and found one on mobil.de ridculously cheap. We got an answer back from the seller and are not sure if it's a scam or not! What do you think? :


Thanks for your message. I bought this car from Germany and I moved it here in England. I haven't used it too much, because it has the steering wheel on the left side. It's registered and licensed in Germany. I can assure you that it's in excelent condition and that it never had accidents. You won't need to make any repairs on it if you buy it. I kept it in garrage all the time and never smoked inside. I have decided to sell it for 5.900 EURO. I can deliver the car to your country and I will agree to let you test it and inspect it for a few days just to be sure. I am going to use TT - Transports for delivering it and I will pay the shipping and insurance fees. I want to use this company because I have a very busy schedule and travel allot so there is no time. It should take about 3 days for you to get the car. You will only have to send a small advance to TT-Transports as a sign of seriosity. The car is already in their possesion and they are only waiting for my instructions to begin shipment. If you deicide to buy the car, you need to go to www.trans-tt.com and register with the address where you want to receive the car. But I will need you to tell me so I can make the proper arrangements on my side. When everything is ready, the company will give me a tracking number which you can use on the website to see the status of the delivery. After you give them an advance, they will bring you the car to your door and you'll have 5 days to inspect the car and test drive it to make sure you like it and it works perfectly. At the end of the 5 days, you will need to pay the rest of the money to TT-Transports , or, if you decide not to buy it, you will get the money you payed in advance back, and I will get my car back. I think it's a good way to sell this car because we won't have to take any risks. If you agree to my terms, please email me so we can arrange something.

(real name deleted)
I've never bought a car before so am sceptical.

Thanks, UA
You will only have to send a small advance to TT-Transports as a sign of seriosity.
After you give them an advance, they will bring you the car to your door
Scam. No question. Walk away.

Read here and here.

It's the Lads from Lagos branching out into car sales. When I was selling GP a couple of years ago I was contacted by a similar bunch although very amateur. They started off by saying they were a UK based company and provided me with a phone number in Nigeria.
Yes, looks like a scam. €5,900 for an Audi TT? I can't believe you even had to ask if that was a scam - that's at least 75% below market value. If it seems too good to be true, it is.
UrbanAngel, it has to be a scam from the bit...

I bought this car from Germany and I moved it here in England. I haven't used it too much, because it has the steering wheel on the left side. It's registered and licensed in Germany.
If he has moved to England then the car registration is invalid as it goes by address not the car, provided of coarse he has done the de-registered bit on himself before moving to England
Yeah, it's fraud. Here's another warning.
We just went car shopping. I have set myself a limit of 2000Eur for a car and have had a few that I have seen that I liked...

After checking out the used car lots around Landsbergerstr/Bodenseestr and TruderingStr (the Wasserburg/Kreillerstr ones were no good, its all new stuff) we ended up looking at a car in a lot on Ingolstadterstr that we had already eyed up yesterday. It was a mostly tidy '95 red Astra for about 1850Euro and we were going to go ahead with it.

Alas, he would not sell it unless it was for export. The reason being that he has to give it with a warranty and he does not want to sell that car with one - hence export only. He explained that its not worth him selling it for that little because of possible comebacks on the warranty. I tried to ask for it with no warranty but he would not have it.

I assume this is some kind of consumer protection law that he has to abide by? Some protection, its stopping me from buying cheap cars! Now I see why people give me a funny look when I say I am looking for a car for no more than 2000, and why there are not many old cars on the road.

Time to try some private ads then. Pah.
I can't say that it's the best place to go but if you're looking for a concentration of dodgy-looking dealers drive out west along Bodenseestrasse between Pasing and Aubing.
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