Where to buy sofas (not Ikea) - Munich

Recommended stores except Ikea

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Apart from IKEA where else is there to buy a sofa?

I dont like the range they have in Ikea.

Im probably just being very thickle because Im searching for the perfect sofa :-)

Ive heard of Siegmueller, is it anygood.

Then what other Sofa shops are there?
Editor Bob
Sofas are usually bought from furniture shops.

See the TT topic: Recommended furniture stores in Munich

Or if you are happy to take something second-hand, try looking in the TT "for sale" classified adverts. A quick TT search on sofa or sofas brings up lots which are currently on sale.
Malcolm Spudbury
You can find some good deals at Karstadt at Theresienwiese at the moment. A lot of their stock is discounted by 20% or more because they need to clear the shop out for renovations.
I went to Biller yesterday. Its a long way out (near Moosburg) but I found that they had just as good a selection as Segmuller but at better prices. Better and friendlier service too.
Malcolm Spudbury
Biller service is great. I bought my kitchen off them when I moved over here, and despite numerous problems to do with the language, they sorted everything out perfectly.

I bought a Sofa in Segmüller recently and the service was fine - probably at the same level you'd expect in the UK or US. Much better than at Karstadt where the salesman was like "Take it or leave it, I don't care".
We were searching for the perfect sofa too and found something half decent at Hess near the Euroindustriepark. We did go out to Segmüller as well but found it was too big and overwhelming and most sofas were really really big with no chance of fitting in the small space we have.
Well, depending on how much you want to spend, Who's Perfect? on Landsberger Strasse is great. We bought our new bed there and I was eyed and absolutely fabulous white leather couch - it was so soft and comfy I couldn't get off it.
I bought my sofa from " www.whosperfect.com " - I know its expensive but go and have a look because they have crazzy prices on beautifull sofas.

Most sofas range from 1,500 +. However i saw a reall ynice one in chocolate brown for something like 900. Looks to last a life time and the only reason it was reduced from 2000 was because it was incorrectly ordered from the manufacturers in italy and needed to be sold due to space.

They have something like 4 floors of endless wonderfull furniture.

Id check it out. they also have a website.
We got a great sofa from BO Concept.

BoConcept® München

Sonnenstraße 23
(Zwischen Sendlinger Tor & Karlsplatz)
D-80331 München
Tel. +49 089 5488 4990
Fax +49 089 5488 4991
Email munchen.de@boconcept.com

See here and here for product examples.
I bought my sofa bed at sit&sleep. They have nice selection of sofabeds as well as chairs. I can recommend their show room in oberanger 34, it is near Sendlinger Tor.

any suggestions on a sofa shop that sells sofas that one can actually be comfortable in, rather than look "cool"?

Bo Concept (& the like) sofas have backs which are far to low & I found Seg Muller utterly confusing/depressing....

Preferably a sofa with removable covers, so we dont have to worry about the kids making a mess.

I think removable covers are more Ikeaish. With real sofas, you choose the fabric and wait several weeks for delivery.

Höffner and Möbel Mahler come to mind - big stores with big selections.
Hi there,

We bought our sofa at XXXL at a reasonable price (well, but right after christmas) and very comfortable. We have a small kid and our previous sofa already looked like we just picked it up from a dumpster (was an Ikea sofa), so with this one we had the option to pay a bit extra for a special treatment to the fabric that protects it from stains. Basically it is a coating that seals against liquids. We've also received a special cleaning solution with the sofa. The only down side is that we had to wait 3 months for the sofa to arrive. After getting used to a speedy delivery system in the US, I found this long wait ridiculous and annoying, but this is Germany.

Good luck.
Try the "No eating, drinking or street shoes in the living room" rule.

any new suggestions to this topic?

we are looking for a conventional style sofa with removable covers. NOT the new tiny backed torture devices labelled as sofas...

we went to Seg Muller, but the furniture appears mostly heavy style bavarian, and i found the entire shop bewildering..

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