How to call a US 800 number from Germany

American toll-free numbers - how?

Does anyone know how to call a 1-800 number (toll free) in the States from here? I need to activate a credit card and have no other number.
Call Call Collect in Germany under 01802-001033 and they'll connect you.
You can call the 800 number, but you just get charged normal rates, so it is not a toll free call.

Most credit card companies though look at the incoming telephone number as part of the identity confirmation number. I'm assuming that the number they have on file for you is a US number and that the German number you are calling from might not show up on their caller ID system and won't match you US number.

You'll just have to provide more personal details to confirm your ID since they can't match telephone numbers, assuming you don't get an automated system.

Good luck.
Could be they have a deal with AT&T, take a look on the site. I know that United does.
You can dial direct, 001-800-number, but you will probably get an automated message which says that international calls are not toll-free.
0800-call-att and then tell them you're making a collect call to the US. It's free for you. The German word for collect call is "R-Gespräch" -- think it stands for Rückgespräch or so.

Sorry that was unclear -- my credit card has an 800# for inside the US, my instructions are for making a collect call from here, which my credit card instructs me to do when I'm not in the US, and they do accept the collect call too.
On that note, does anyone know how to call a UK 8xx number from Germany? Most 8xx numbers that I call from both landline & mobile phones in Germany don't work - I just get an error message.
I don't think you can. At least I can't call similar numbers in Ireland. You usually have to ask them for their standard number (if it's not on their website/headed paper/whatever) and make a standard international call. That's the way it is with my phone banking, and it was the same when I tried to contact the Irish revenue.
Yeah, that's what I thought. I always do a thorough search of their website for a normal number, but sometimes it's not to be found...kind of a catch 22, cause I'm not in the UK very often, so I can never call them to ask for their normal number.
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Setup a VoIP account in the States, then your calls to 0800 numbers are free.
I dial one of the low rate access codes (01015). It charges ~2 cents/minute and this number allows connection to 800 numbers. So to the U.S. dial 01015 001 800-xxx-xxxx and you should be connected.
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