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Where to buy a used TV

My kids are driving me nuts, our decent TV went to TV heaven and the back up set is shared by us and my two play station mad sons.

Does any body know where you can get 2nd hand quality TV's (28" plus) I probably need two.

On a slightly diverse link where can you buy used snow board/ski clothes and kit.

NetonNet usually have pretty good prices for new tv`s but if your looking for second hand then I guess is your best option. Just remember to restrict your search to people who are selling in and arround Munich , as with that sort of item sellers will rarely go to the bother of sending the stuff. Pick up only.


Uncle Jamal
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I have a 29in multisystem one I can let go for 80 EUR..
Hi Darknight,
Sounds great sorry I missed you yesterday PM me with the details I couldn't pick it up till next Friday though.
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