Keiper guitars - what are they like?

Anyone ever played one?

I'm looking at buying a new electric guitar and have come across this brand on Ebay. I've never heard of these guitars before and was wondering if any of the Toytown guitarist's have. The one i'm looking at is a hollow body les paul copy which looks realy nice. They average around €150 and after reading a few reviews i'm considering getting one. If the reviews can be believed the pickups and guitar workmanship are around the same quality as the Epiphone les paul copies at a fraction of the price. There was some negative feedback about the nut position and the action but nothing that cant be adjusted. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Cheers Barfly
Hi barfly. First I have to say that I am bass and not guitar. Any more than 4 strings confuses me (well the 4th one already does, but I am using it). My last guitarist had a Les Paul Studio (he always wanted a Custom). I saw a band from Berlin support Juliette & The Licks and the guitarist was using an Epiphone copy... and you could hear the difference.

The question you have to ask yourself is; If a bass guitarist can hear the difference, what is it going to sound like to a guitarist?
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