How much to fill oil tank?

Cost for 1000 Litre oil tank

Hi Everyone,

We are in the process of purchasing a house, however we have always had gas, so no idea of how much it would cost to fill a 10000 oil tank to acomodate a 250sq house and how much does it get used a year. If anyone could provide some info on this it would be great.

Many thanks
The house I am in is about that size, and we have to fill up about once every 9 months or so - sorry, but can´t tell you what it costs as x-MIL has all the bills.
(in early summer seems to be the cheapest time to get filled-up!)
How many people will be using warm water... how cold wll it be this winter, how warm will it be next summer.... how much will oil cost next week?

No one can say.....

Is the house insulated well... ?
Consumption could vary from a couple of hundred litres for a very new, energy efficient house to a couple of thousand litres for a house with poor insulation, old windows etc.

A litre is about 80-90 cents todays. Maybe you just fill up half and wait and see, since laying down 8.000.- at once for a fill is heavy.
You forgot to ask how long is a piece of string Piggy!
But, yes, you are absolutely correct i saying that these factors also need to be taken into consideration.

We are well-insultaed, and ahve two and a half adults, who in winter take two baths per evening, and also have a wood-burning stove for extra heating in the upper flat.
Living alone in a detached house, it was a tough descission as to what heating system I Implimented...

I chose a wood burner with Water heating elements built in.....

Its the cheapest option by far.. The only think is that I often come home to a cold/ tepid place..

After 20 mins, the fire is roaring away so the lounge is warm and after an hour the whole house is warm!

It keeps the local Farmer in buisness with his Wood management, it is relatively eco friendly....

Most of all, its nice to watch the flames on a cold winters night!

In the summer, I use an electric boiler for showers and dish washing!

My heating/ electric costs are about 2000€ per year.
We have a 4-bed, 90-100m2 detached house in the UK with oil fired central heating and an open fire.

Using the heating for mornings / evenings 7/7, with the open fire providing heat to the lounge only, we use about 1000-1400 litres per year.

The house is relatively well insulated by UK standards (loft insulation, good quality double glazing, cavity wall insulation).
We have a semidetached house, 129 m2 and we heat as well additional 40 m2 in the cellar (but not that warm). We are 3 adults and 2 small kids. The house has good insulation. We use something around 2000 liters per year. The price at the moment is not the best, something around 85c per liter, I think I paid something around 72c per liter 2 months ago.
for oil price check here:

For warm water we use solar collectors to heat a 500l water tank in combination with a oil furnance if needed.
The rest of the flat is heated by a wood pellet stove which is very confortable to use.
Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your replies. Gouch didnt realise it would cost so much. To answer some of the questions the house is well insulated, so I guess that will help a bit. Hmmm I guess as a family of four we have to be careful with consumption then again using the log burner not such a bad idea to keep the house warm. I guess the winters here are colder than in the Uk, as we are still to find out.
Thanks Again
In your subtitle, you wrote 1,000 liters.

In your first post, you wrote 10,000.

Big difference there.
10,000 litres would be a large tank for a house - our tank in the UK is 1100 litres.

To add my two pence worth re: warm water, we use relatively little oil from April through to the end of October - maybe 200 litres for the six months in total that the space heating is off.

It is heating radiators that really gets through the oil - when it got down to minus 12 centigrade and below late in 2010 and we were putting the heating on overnight to keep children's bedrooms above 14 degrees C, I estimate we were using somewhere around 300 litres per month.
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