Ebay - prices go up at end of the auction

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Any one noticed how prices on Ebay can go from Bargain basement to bloody expensive in the last 2-3 mins of the auction, or is it just me
Duh, that's the whole point..? It's an auction.
yes that bit i know, but i have seen things I wanted to buy go from €134 to €451 in the last 2 mins with the bidder I was against had a number of purchases at 958 and it didnt look like the auto bid system, 958 buys on ebay makes it look like it is a pro buyer (or the seller under another name), but I did get the other guitar I was after biding against a buyer that had 2 purchases to there name, which I would think like me is a guy who wants to buy to play the guitar rather than a guy who is looking to make a quick buck
Tim Hortons Man
I've noticed it as well, it seems that you can get software that will bid at the last milo second that will top the last bid up to a preset amount. For the most part I've stop buying things on ebay, you don't know what your getting, pay alot of money for some crap, that you can get cheaper in the store latter.
It happens all the time.. The last thing i bidded on went from 120 to 480 EUR in 45 seconds... It's called bid snipeing...
You list the amount you are willing to spend and the increments all on eBay itself. If you are sitting there entering bids in the last seconds, then-
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No, you don't bid at all, see how the auction is going and, then, at the last second, when the last bidder thinks he is going to win it because no one is bidding against him, you throw in your bid and beat him. It's how my boyfriend got his beloved Breitling Bentley watch for 1500€ less than in a store.
Johnny English
I think you are probably seeing this baby in action:


It chucks in your best bid at 5 seconds (or as you specify) before the end of the auction. This can be good or bad.

On the positive side it means you can pop up with a great bid at the last few seconds without ever needing to give Ebay your bid - which as you know Ebay normally uses to automatically bid in realtime. So it is great for those auctions when you don't wanna sit at home like a lemon watching your screen and hitting refresh as an auction ends etc.

However the downside is that you will never win against a higher "maximum" bid that is registered with Ebay directly - because that will always be the "last second" best bid in effect. So "Fred-the-bidder" might be the best bid 5 seconds before the end with €100 Euros, but he has already registered a maximum of €400 direct with ebay - nothing you do with auctionsniper, or a speedy keyboard is gonna stop that. So to be guaranteed the product, and not show your hand too early, your best solution is to add your maximum direct to ebay in the last 10 seconds...but that causes the last minute flurry that you see on the good stuff.

But all said and done Ebay is a great service. No one is forcing you to buy overpriced junk. Occasionally you can get your fingers burnt - I recently bought an electronic item from Taiwan that was DOA (dead on arrival) and they did not refund my returns postage costs!!! So it cost me about €45 to end up with nothing.

But I also sold my Smeg fridge this year that was in my old UK house - I got a friend to take the photos - and got a great price. How impossible would that have been in the old days?
God I LOVE EBay!!
Im thinking of selling my smeg to the highest bidder too.
Johnny English
I love the title of this thread:

Ebay - prices go up at end of the auction
Subtitle: "No fucking shit Sherlock".
some of the professional e bayers are known to have 2 accounts (one in therer name the other maybe in there mothers name). one to put items on e bay. the other to pump up the price.either that or they just ask a friend to put in a bid.thats one reason these days its hard to get a real bargin on e bay. mind saying that a few years ago we bought a Antique desk for 110 euros on ebay.had a visit from a friend whos something of expert who told us its worth at least 2000 euro
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(Ragarding the thread title): Does anyone have any information on the religious tendancies of the Pope?
I was only comenting that some people seem to be abusing the bidding system, the guitar that I lost out on yesterday is back on sale again today from the same seller, so he was trying to jack the price up and seems to have ended up not actually selling anything, but I would assume he will still have to pay ebay their cut
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