Gefüllte Lebkuchen (Herzen)

What filling to use (and how)

Irish Lassie
has anyone made "Gefüllte Lebkuchenherzen" I want to try baking some this Christmas, does anyone have a tried and tested recipe, I've found a few Lebkuchenherzen recipes online, which I want to try, but none for filled ones, can anyone recommend a filling that tastes like the ones you can buy in the shops I really want to get them as near to the shop bought ones as possible, because my children love them (esp. the Aldi ones) but as my youngest has a gluten intolerance, I don't want her to have to miss out on them at Christmas and finding the exact filling seems to be the biggest problem.

And a few tips on how best to fill them would be appreciated too

I've never tried making them but I would probably use thick apricot or cherry preserves or else cut up some dried apricots and cook them down to a paste with a bit of water.

Here are the ingredients in the Aldi ones

Glukose-Fruktose-Sirup, Weizenmehl, Zucker, Aprikosen getrocknet und passiert, Kakaomasse, Karamellzuckersirup, Kakaobutter
Backtriebmittel: Dinatriumdiphosphat, Natriumhydrocarbonat, Kaliumcarbonat, Buttereinfett
Säuerungsmittel: Citronensäure,
Geliermittel: Pektin, Gewürze, Kartoffelstärke
Säureregulator: Natriumcitrat, Emulgator: Soja-Lecithine, Salz, Aroma
I used this recipe once, but have since desisted from making filled lebkuchen, as I'm lazy. I like the filling with marzipan, but Google tells me there are innumerable ways to make the filling. Unfortunately, I can't give you any input as to how they compare with the Aldi Lebkuchen though, sorry.

The only way I know of to "fill" them is to roll out the dough, make two cutouts, spread filling on the one and put the other on top, pressing the edges together by hand. A bit less labour-intensive is to roll out one layer (half of the dough), put it on your baking sheet, spread the filling on that, and then roll out the other half of the dough and place it on top. Can, however, also be a bit fiddly if you're a perfectionist about making it match up. Bake, then cut into squares.

Good on you for making gluten-free Lebkuchen for your little one!

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to ask if you need the recipe in English - if so, give a shout and I'll translate it.
This recipe looks all right if you change the filling.

Gefüllte Lebkuchenherzen
Irish Lassie
Thanks for the your answers

Can, however, also be a bit fiddly if you're a perfectionist about making it match up. Bake, then cut into squares.
Well, I would love to make them look good too, but the main thing is that they taste good (once I get the taste right, I can then worry about the optical part of it )

The German recipe is fine thanks

westvan, thanks for the link (wow , that's a lot of carbs, thank God for Nevella sweetener, looks like it's better to bake them myself even without the gluten intolerance )
You are baking filled Lebkuchen, and are concerned about the amount of carbs?
Irish Lassie
I have to, my daughter is also diabetic...
Oh, yes, sorry, forgot that was you. I take it all back
Irish Lassie
No worries, yes, it is a bit paradox, trying to bake things that are basically "sugar bombs" and then worrying about carbs

The biggest test so far was baking a low(er) carb Dresdener Eierschecke, but it actually turned out very tasty
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