Cleaning Lederhosen - Germany

How best to do it

I've heard you can't clean lederhosen, not in the normal way of putting them into the wash. But I have a smelly pair that have been sitting in my Keller since Sunday, they are half covered in puke after the Oktoberfest on Sunday and I am just wondering what I can do.

I've scraped the heavy stuff off but I need to clean them a bit better I think before I put them away from another year. Suggestions?
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The girl at the store told me warm water and a cloth. Wipe, don't scrub and don't use soap.
Bring them to the dry cleaners (after you clean them off as much as you can). I've seen worse things than puke on my boyfriend's lederhosen and, somehow, it came off at the dry cleaners.
Don't clean 'em.

An elderly bavarian went to his doctor for a general checkup.

The Dr. told him he would need a blood sample, urine sample, stool sample, sperm sample and a stomach sample to perform all the nescessary tests.

The bavarian took off his Lederhosen and gave them to the Doc.
i just had my suede jacket cleaned. set me back €40. i will never buy another beige-colored leather jacket again! try cleaning your pants as suggested above.
If you do not want to put them in the washer... Use a mild detergent, clean them with warm water. Then set them aside to dry (might take a while...dont try to rush it)...they need to be on a flat surface though...dont hang them up...they might go outta shape. Afterwards take a soft brush and brush them up so they get that nice feeling back...should do the trick.
If you can bring yourself to remove the souvenirs of so many nice if messy fests, then try this link:
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