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How exactly does this work?

Dear Toytowners,

I'm sure this question is dumb, but I purchased an ALDI SIM card and I have just run out of credit. Where or how can I purchase more credit? Must I go to an ALDI store? Or can I do this online?

If anyone could let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hey, it's the same as e-plus credit. So buy €15 or €30 of that and bob's your uncle.
oh boy. i'm not sure i follow you. the card came along with some credit (i purchased a starter kit or some such) but i'm not sure where to purchase more credit. sorry to sound totally daft, but i think i might be in this avenue.

thanks though!
You can buy it in any ALDI
Unfortunately, adding credit requires that you are able to read & understand so I am afraid you are stuffed!!!
Aldi Nord: Aldi Talk FAQ

Wo bekomme ich einen Guthabenbon für mein ALDI TALK?
Die Guthabenbons im Wert von 5 €, 15 € bzw. 30 € erhalten Sie in allen deutschen ALDI-Filialen.
Where can I get a credit voucher for my ALDI TALK phone?
You can buy them in any Aldi branch (Nord & Süd) in Germany - for 5€, 15€ or 30€.
I have an Aldi PrePaid too, and I generally get credit directly at Aldi - go to the cash register and tell the cashier you need "Guthaben", they will ask whether you want 15€ or 30€ worth. They will then give you a receipt with a 16-digit number at the top or in the middle, framed in ***, which you can enter into the phone using the number for the Aldi Konto Hotline (Tel. 1155).

Oops, just realized you might not understand enough German to know what the recording is telling you. First, it says:

"Press "1" for Kontostand (credit level) or "4" for Konto aufladen (to upload credit).

When you press "4", the recording tells you to enter the 16-digit number, followed by a "#".

I know the recording reads the number you entered back to you, and then asks you to confirm by pressing another number - unfortunately I can't tell you this number, because I don't actually need to upload credit at the moment. Sorry!

As previous posters have said, Aldi uses the ePlus network - I have been told I can just purchase ePlus credit (which you can get at kiosks, petrol stations etc. plus of course at the ePlus outlet), but I haven't tried it cause I'm hesitant about losing the money if it doesn't actually work.

Edit: Snap... way late. That's what I get for trying to do three things at once.
I just read that it works if you buy an ePlus card at a supermarket or wherever, but that it might not work if you choose the ePlus option at a bank machine.
Maybe a bit too late to help, but I'll post anyway. I'm able to recharge mine through my online Sparkasse banking account (and my husband's even though the account is mine and the phone his). Probably less German knowledge required than calling the service--should look for something like "Handy Aufladen" under the banking options.
Might again be a little too late but you can top up using the ticket machines at the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations. You need to purchase the e-plus credit. You select the amount of credit that you wish to purchase and then enter your phone number twice. You then select you method of payment. Your phone is automatically topped up with the bought credit- no need to enter in or call any numbers.

I have found this very quick and easy.

You can also purchase credit for other people using this method if you needed to do so.
THank you, thank you for all these detailed and helpful responses. I really appreciate it!
hi all, greetings!!

I recently moved to Germany.I have zero credit in my mobile and unable to call 1155 (eplus cash card) to recharge and gets suddenly disconnected.
Don't know how to recharge my number with eplus cash card since not able to call 1155 , ?.. Is my handy number got deactivated? please suggest what to do now..
Take it it is an Aldi card?

Just go on line to Aldi-Talk with Google chrome it will translate, and recharge with a pre paid print out from the shop. Much simpler than the German menus.

Then again if the numbers been deactivated just buy another probably simpler.
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