Optical illusions

Various fun graphics

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A cool one:

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dont want to post all these, but there are some damn impressive pavement illusions here!

Interesting one:

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Irish Lassie
That Dolphin/Couple one ist cool (the others too but I knew the already)

Has anyone wit Kids tried it out, I want to test my daughter, but I'm afraid she might identify the couple (how could you not???) and I don't want to be showing a 6 year old erotic pictures...

If she's at least 50% Irish she'll ask what's in the bottle first.
I cant see the dammed dolphins ... where r they!
I still can't figure this one out. 12 people or 13 people. Where does the last person go to/come from?

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One person gets added on in the second column. It goes 3,2,2,3,2 to 3,3,2,3,2. The guy that's added to the second column is previously the last guy in the fourth.
that weird poo chi stuff.

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@prof - I am going to risk an answer, but it is most likely that I am wrong... notice how when there are 12 little creatures the bodies are perfectly cut, but when you have 13, the top of the heads are missing, as are the bottom of the shoes, some of the little creatures dont have necks, and the upper body is very short... maybe taking the little bits of some of them generates the 13th little creature?!?

p.s.-I could be talking utter shite here though...
and This

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This poor chap is walking upstairs all the time.

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Michael Bach

The illusions

Another illusion site.

Now I am seeing dots everywhere.

Warning, the above sites are addictive and will make your head spin and quite possibly put you into a trance. Do not operate heavy equipment within 2 hours of viewing.
Curse you! I had work to do today! Now my eyes are doing this (and I am still on the first link)
I misread I am still on the first drink
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