Berlin is the sex mecca of Europe

News praises the liberal metropolis

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How did the German capital become Europe's sex tourism mecca for gays and straights alike?

Don-t-tell-mama - Haaretz - Israeli News

In the last few years, Berlin's versatile sex scene has become a strong tourist draw. Indeed, there's something for everyone - men, women, gays, straights, S&M aficionados and esoteric fetishes. One can enjoy three museums and two orgies in four days. In The Lonely Planet Guide to Berlin, alongside the standard chapter called "Gays and Lesbians," an extra section is devoted to "Sex and Fetish," a heading that doesn't appear in the series' guides to other cities.
One can enjoy three museums and two orgies in four days.
What are you supposed to do with the other 95.5 hours?
I guess he never went to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.
post about your exploits on Toytown...
I'd imagine that Budapest and Amsterdam might beg to differ.
What are you supposed to do with the other 95.5 hours?
Post in the adult section of TT telling everyone that you are in an open relationship but can't get your partner to engage in threesomes or gangbang.

(Pun intended. Attention: TT newcomers,I am not interested in any of the above so please don't pm me asking me if I am interested.)
It's true and it's been this way for a while. I hand out condoms as part of a volunteer group supporting safe sex etc. Last weekend we went to a "naked sex party." Probably half of the 40 or so attendees were tourists. I am an American, so perhaps a bit of a prude, but I have never been in a place where sex parties happen so openly. In the US, they would be seedy. In Berlin it is just normal (relatively).
Tell us some more about that naked sex party ....
It's all part of the Berlin lifestyle. After all, who needs clothes encumbered with pockets if you don't have any cash to put in them?
Hmmm... was the same in NYC during the 70's (or so the big boys and gals told me) and the Big Apple was poor back then too. Ergo, having no dosh seems to boost your hormones
The best things in life are free.
I've been trying to tell this to my local Ferrari dealer. Doesn't work.
Now we know why certain people, who dedicate their lives to complaining about living in Berlin, stay there.
Last weekend we went to a "naked sex party."...
You went to a sex... party. So what you're saying is, they weren't actually just naked and doing it in, oh, say, McDonald's, or on a train platform, or other places where normal people are usually found. Specifically, they were in a specific place where people with extra-normal preferences hang around having sex. mmkay

In the US, they would be seedy.
In the US they would be seedy. In Germany, they would be seedy, but have better drugs.

In Berlin it is just normal (relatively).
I don't know how long you've lived in Berlin (I guess not long if you still consider yourself a prudish American) but the sort of work you do, coupled with your likely limited experience here, makes me question how qualified you are to speak on behalf of what is "normal" in Berlin.

Unlike a lot of expats in Berlin and most people on this board, I am well-acquainted with the young/alternative native Berliner scene and my relatively well-informed opinion is that it is not at all "normal" to go to sex parties. For that matter it is not even "normal" to lay around naked in parks in the summertime, merely not punishable by law. I think where you're getting mixed up is, mistaking "not something that will get you ostracized from society forever" for "normal".

Germans in general and Berliners in particular do not have the same hangups we do about nudity and to a degree, other people's personal choices, but it doesn't mean they're all super horny sex freaks because they're a bit more tolerant (read: more capable of minding their own business--sometimes). People might work a little less hard here to pretend they are asexual beings, but I'm almost certain that my hometown has waaaay more swingers and fetish clubs than Berlin and it is like 1/4 the size.

The point is, if you go up to a random Berliner and ask them if they would like to accompany you to a sex party the answer is likely to be "uhhhh... no thanks" rather than an American-style response of "Disgusting!! What do you take me for? Vile creature, begone! I will pray for you" or, as you perhaps imagine, the loose and easy Berliner, "well I'm busy that night but a friend of mine was going anyway". There is probably a much larger degree of separation than you have been led to believe, maybe because of the kind of work you do.
Well let me qualify what I said - the HIV outreach I have been doing is centered mostly in the gay community. I can tell you in most parts of the states (maybe excluding San Francisco) the "naked sex party" would not have been advertised openly and would likely have been shut down by cops as some sort of violation of obscenity laws. Here such it was advertised extremely openly and nobody cares.

I didn't mean to imply that young people go to strange sex parties all the time. However, Berliners (and Germans in general) are much more tolerant about things Americans might find gross. Doesn't mean they find them tasteful though.

Just my two cents.
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