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Does anyone know if there is any special perfume store or section in a department store selling Kanebo and Shiseido skin whitening/lightening products ? (especially Kanebo Freschel, Blanchir or Faircrea or Shiseido UV White or Shiseido Beneficiance Whitening Essence).

These are the only 2 brands which have magic effects for sun-damaged pigmented skin. Other name brands cannot come close to the special ingredients of these 2 Japanese companies.
There are also wonderful Korean and other Japanese brands selling skin lightening products. It is so hard to find them in Germany and online ordering from the U.S. is not reliable.

Thanks !
I don't know about this specific product, but Müller sells Shiseido products (e.g. Müller am Tal or Hauptbahnhof).
http://shiseido.de/home/products lists products sold in Germany. Maybe you'll recognize the bottle.
They sell both shiseido and kanebo at amulette kosmetik in rosenkavalier platz. its next to my augen artzin so i popped in for you. twist my arm...they carry shiseido's bio performance whitening something or another. a goodly sized tub runs a little over 73 euros. also i saw an advert in a singapore mag, dior's launched a new whitening line as well, maybe you can get a sample while your there
Skin lightening? Your kidding right?
ah, the young. Hyperpigmentation (sp?) from sun damage when young (or now) is VERY common for women after 30.
Irish Lassie
Skin lightening? Your kidding right?
My first thought too, but PolarBear is looking for a product for:
sun-damaged pigmented skin.
aka freckles, liver spots, age spots.

Irish Lassie
aka freckles, liver spots, age spots.
But to what shade do they lighten your skin?

e.g. if I have a liver spot and am dark skinned will that cream make my skin lighter than my normal skin colour so that instead of a liver spot I'd have a white spot on dark skin?

Or if I get cream on the area beside the liver spot, will that become lighter too...?
it's also a racial thing. see Self Tanners? Where to buy canned tan in Munich?, and yeah if you pick up the higher end asian women's magazines you'll find adverts for whitening cremes where the western magazine would post tanning cremes.

j-i like my smileys yellow thank you-ml
The Asian/Indian store in Hauptbahnhof now stocks Fair and Lovely which seems to be India's top-selling whitening cream.
And at 7€ for 50ml it is very cheap (I buy it for my Italian pals - they love the stuff).
I've seen Dior Snow and other high-end ones at Munich airport, that seems to have the biggest range.
But I love my freckles and wouldn't be without them.
Look here:
Thanks everyone. I think I shall check out that cosmetic store near R. Platz. Thank you for the referral.

I love flawless skin very much but in Germany, people are not fond of wearing summer hats to prevent sun damage )

Shiseido Beneficiance is very good but is also very expensive. Given a choice, I shall go for Kanebo´s or Shiseido´s toners (several brands) as they are cheaper and lasts a long time.

Dior Snow also lightens skin, but the skin becomes brighter and flawless with Kanebo, with no harmful ingredients at all. I shall check this out at the Munich airport as it sounds like a good option.

Skin lightening is the more common term for skin whitening products.
I have fair Asian skin that gets pigmented every summer when going outdoors which is inevitable as it is part of my studies. I used to solve this problem easily with Kanebo´s Blanchir, Freschel, or Faircrea. Kanebo has so many secret ingredients in its toner, it´s a favorite of my classmates and I in the U.S. regardless of skin color. It has secret Japanese oils that is unmatched by any other skincare product. You can immediately feel the tightening of pores after applying it, and it totally evens out skin color. If you combine Estee Lauder´s Fruition (now Idealist Refinisher ???) with Lancome´s Resolution, the result will still fall short of any of Kanebo´s toner. I have worked with a lot of makeup artists before and havent met anyone who doesnt rave over Kanebo. Even the use of AHA´s and amino peptides cant beat Kanebo. However, for those who wish to try this, you might need a thermal water-based moisturizer for winter as Kanebo is formulated for warm to humid climates. Vichy´s thermal water and Biotherm work fine.

After this summer, my dermatologist suggests a laser treatment so that my skin which used to be flawless, could even out its tone. However, while the pigments are lightened by laser treatment, it will return after a few months and my studies are not over. Hence, I wish to return to my old skin regime using Kanebo or Shiseido. With beautiful skin, one is spared the difficulty of trying out so many makeup foundations. Any light foundation will do. I hate those thick mask-looking foundations

Thank you very much everyone !

Those who wish to try skin lightening products need to be warned that many of the so-called skin whitening products contain hydroquinone which is harmful. It is in fact banned in Europe I think. So if you wish to buy some skin product from an Asian or ethnic store, be careful- most of them, if not all have hydroquinone. They usually come in creams. Your skin looks like totally new skin after it has been burned... yikes !
PB what dermatologist do you use here in town? I just found a new one that I *love* on maximillianstrasse. will post her details soon.
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