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Marko Polo
I'm moving from Cologne to Vienna after 4 happy years in Germany. Can any member recommend a reliable, cost-effective removals company located in Cologne or elsewhere in NRW that can pack, safely move and unpack my furniture and fittings? Some valuable furniture to be moved so no simians required.

Thanks in advance
One company I know that do have a good reputation are Schmidt und Kahlert. They have locations in Mainz/Wiesbaden, Köln/Bonn, München and a few other German cities as well as Strasbourg and a few USA locations. They've been an approved contractor dealing with US Military and State Dept moves since the 1950s. They may not be the cheapest, but they are professionals and you'll probably be able to arrange to discuss your move with an estimator who speaks English.

Good luck in your neu Heimat.

Hi Marko,

The company we used to move our things from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf was Progedo.
The did a class A job packing our house and unpacking it.
They also helped with our settling in Dusseldorf, look for house, school for our boy, etc. I am not sure if you need this such services, but sure the move was very easy.

Good luck,
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