Swimming Lakes/Rivers near Stuttgart

Looking for swimming beaches!

Back in the U.S., summer means people heading out to swimming beaches on lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. But all my searches for something similar tend to only turn up public pools and bads, which are very nice, but not the same. I came up with a list of lakes for swimming in the Black Forest, but no detailed information on the location of swimming beaches.

I know Konstanz on the Bodensee has beaches, but that's quite a schlep for a day trip from Stuttgart. I'm hoping the knowledgeable people here on Toytown will have some recommendations for either public or 'unofficial' swimming areas that aren't swimming pools. Good directions and info appreciated if such spots exist.

There aren't much places, unfortunately, in the Stuttgart area.

Although, if you live rather on the east than west side of town you might consider a trip to the "Schwäbische Wald", some 40 kms east of Stuttgart. There are some back-up lakes, like the Ebnisee, Hagerwaldsee, others.
Thanks for the recommendation, Sosarx! The Schwaebische Wald looks beautiful, there's a train (my husband is a train nut) and plenty of beautiful lakes for swimming. 40km drive is just fine, too. Going to check it out on Sunday!
You might want to look at Baggerseen. There don't seem to be any in the vicinity of Stuttgart, but there are a few near Tübingen. The most popular one is in Kirchentellinsfurt, there is also on in Hirschau and Kiebingen. We used to go to the Lauchertsee in Mägerkingen (Schwäbische Alb), but that's possibly a bit too far from Stuttgart.

I don't know how common open-air swimmingpools (= Freibäder) are in the U.S., they would be an alternative if you don't mind paying an entrance fee - Stuttgart has loads of those. One of the best is the Höhenfreibad Killesberg, I used to go there with my aunt.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't see you mentioned public pools in your first post
Thanks for posting about this, "armchairshrink". I grew up on a lake, and really miss not being able to grab my suit and go swimming - albeit in a public pool, unfortunately usually rather crowded. Did the same searches you did and also found nothing... and will be off to investigate the lakes mentioned here asap!
Brilliant! Thanks Kato!

Epic Google fail on my part...
The Kirchtellinsfurt option is not within the Stuttgart Region. It is between Reutlingen and Tübingen and I got to warn you that it had a warning issued because of toxic Algae last week. Authorities are monitoring the situation. As of yet no total swimming ban.
The Kirchtellinsfurt option is not within the Stuttgart Region.
Reutlingen and Tübingen (and Kirchtellinsfurt) are part of the Metropolitan Region Stuttgart.
Reutlingen and Tübingen (and Kirchtellinsfurt) are part of the Metropolitan Region Stuttgart.
In Stuttgart if you refer to the Region Stuttgart you usually refer to the Region of which the Verband der Region Stuttgart and by the way public transport options of the VVS are run accordingly. The concept Metropolitan Region isn't used. Accoring to Wikipedia the European Metropolitan Area includes such far away places like Heilbronn...., which is rid. I didn't want to say it is overly far away, but it is not in a place that people in my opinion would recognize as Region Stuttgart.

Gesetz über die Errichtung des Verbands Region Stuttgart

§ 2
Die Zuständigkeit des Verbands erstreckt sich auf das Gebiet des Stadtkreises Stuttgart und der
Landkreise Böblingen, Esslingen, Göppingen, Ludwigsburg und Rems-Murr-Kreis.


Kirchtellinsfurt however is in the Landkreis Tübingen bordering the Landkreis Reutlingen, both are part of Region Neckaralb.

I personally don't accept the VRS. It's just a mockery of what was originally in its place, the Nachbarschaftsverband Stuttgart (Neighboorhood Association). Which was defined based on singular municipal borders, not Landkreis borders.
Taking a closer look at this list, one finds that it includes many places outside of Region Stuttgart anyway....
Hence why it says "Großraum Stuttgart"

There are lakes in Stuttgart itself (Max-Eyth-See, Bärensee, Katzenbachsee, Neuer See, Pfaffensee, Steinbachsee). For Max-Eyth-See swimming is officially outlawed due to the quality of the water (since 1977). The other five are the emergency water supply reservoirs for the city (hence no swimming).
There was an article about swimming lakes in last weekend's local paper and according to this the best area to look for swimming lakes is Oberschwaben (Aulendorf, Ravensburg, etc.). It has something to do with the last ice age and the glaciers leaving holes behind that later filled with water.

If you google for Badesee and Stuttgart all you can usually find is forum entries bemoaning the fact that there are no swimming lakes in Stuttgart

Wow, and there is really a web page for everything: Lakes in Baden-Württemberg
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