Finding a telephone number - Munich

How to locate an old friend

I am trying to find an old friend who lives in Ottobrunn. Is there a way to find a telephone number, email address, etc in Munich if you have the name, but no number. I do not speak very much German, but if there is a website in German that would give me a number that would be fine. Thanks, j
How about checking the online telephone book?
The "official" site to use is Das Telefonbuch, but it is complicated to use, especially if you don't know much German. An easier one is Klicktel. Klick on the link and simply enter the surname in the "Wen" field. Optionally you can add street ("Wo") end city or postcode ("Ort oder Postleitzahl") to narrow the search and hit "suchen" (search). The nice thing about Klicktel is that you don't need any more information than the surname - you'll get a complete list of your chosen name in Germany. For the children among us, try entering a four-letter word meaning "fornication" to see how many of them live here...

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