Astrology - Truth or fiction?

Duplicated topic

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You decide.

As an astronomer I am trying to be as objective as possible here in my available poll choices.

No the zodiac signs are purely chance arrangements of stars up there, along with many other constellations.

Or am I just a sceptical Scorpio?
Astrology: Truth or Fiction?
Where is IPJ when we need her?
will this go 22 pages too?
I think TT has had there fill of Astrology(22 pages of it)...but, then again, this it TT !! It could turn into an "America, doomed by the stars" maybe
Ok my shot at this, as this question has bewildered me personally for a long time.

I believe that God, Ghosts, supernatural, astrology, palmistry etc all fall in this one chunk of belief that there is something greater than normal. Something which we cannot explain with logic. We can't believe in either of them and disparage the other. People wear crosses around their necks and say they don’t believe in astrology. That is bollocks.

I personally want to believe in this for several reasons, primarily because its fascinating, as life without any of these quests is too mundane to live and secondly because it comforts me to believe that I would be cared for as the good man I am

But that doesn’t imply that my beliefs are true or can be explained by any means.

Recently I got to know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the author of the famous Sherlock Holmes series) who in all the stories vehemently wrote against anything supernatural finally did join a spiritual community before he died. It was because his only son died in the First World War and he thought he could in some way communicate with him.

Made me wonder that this man and all his life long convictions just disappeared when he was week in the knees. But why the hell not? He at least tried and a trial can never be so unnecessary.

I think we should each explore these realms personally before criticising them on the basis of logical extrapolation. Maybe we discover something or maybe we won’t, but the effort afterall might be just worth it.
Is life so boring that not only do we talk about the same things day after day, again and again, that we actually are expected to repeat online rants again and again?

I didn't read the first thread, I'm not going to read this one either.
Owain Glyndwr
well, if you didn't read the first thread, you wouldn't be repeating anything you wrote here, would you, showem?
No, but I expect you would repeat yourself Owain, ad nauseam.
Astrology is true.

but Astrology is not 100% correct all the time, because it is controlled by error-prone entities.

@ Showem , who the f*** is ranting here but u
Johnny English
I am quite glad I actually have some work to do today. TT is having a sad old day.
Quite right. Isn't America a load of old bollocks though, eh?
Bubble Gum
I think I made my views on this very clearly in the last 22 page debate.
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