Taking a hot bath for a cold/flu

Is this common in the US?

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Hi there,

It seems a bit of an odd question, but is the taking of a hot bath if you have cold/flu not really practiced much in the US? Was recently talking with mainly US friends about why I target my apartment searching to include a bath not a shower, because it comes in handy if you've had a stressful day or really bad cold/flu.

Their responses about the cold/flu bit were along the line of "Ewww, stepping into a hot bath when you're all feverish and blocked up..?" At least for me, it always helps with aches and the "flu in your bones" feeling you sometimes get. Maybe I just grew up in a household where hot baths were cures for everything (except maybe pregnancy) :-).

The conversation then switched to how men are softies when it comes to illness, but also those old wives tales you hear about women feeling the cold (temperatures) more because the warmth is diverted to the womb.
Never heard of soaking to cure a cold/the flu, but I do love a nice, relaxing bath. Having a tub is important to me too. Good luck in your search!
I`m a tub-lover myself, but not American so can't really say much about them!
What I can say is that I love a soak in the tub to help relieve stress - especially in my neck muscles, which sometimes cause me a lot of trouble, and also that I take an "Erkältungsbad" when I am really sniffly as the steam and additives help to loosen up congestion.
Taking a hot bath helps to get to sleep faster, which is a good thing when you are sick. Your American guy friends probably are just too "macho" to admit to being sick? So you like the tub, so what? At least you are helping to alleviate the illness and feel better and rest up. If you are married you can say it is for your wife. Or if you have houseplants say it is to spray them down. I have learned not to tell people this kind of personal stuff, if they don't understand it, it doesn't pay to try to explain. Reduce your "Angriffsfläche".

And, no, Americans probably, as a whole, don't take so many baths. Always in a rush on to the next thing or have no time for it.
Americans are probably more apt to take a medicine called TheraFlu than take a bath... but I'm all for a good hot bath to cure whatever ails you. In fact, if the tub has jacuzzi jets in it, even better! <-- that's Californian
I don't know if these are around any more but a few years ago I thought I remember some kind of tablets you'd put in your shower with you when you were sick. I swear the makers of TheraFlu or somebody made them specifically for cold/flu sufferers. My mom always told me to go take a "hot shower" that would make me feel better but no one ever pushed me to take a bath. I always felt so worn out after taking a shower (because usually you are so tired and have no strength when you are that sick) so of course I slept very well after one. I think a bath would be very relaxing especially if there was some kind of aromatherapy in the water to help me breathe better.
When I've had the flu or worse in the states the medicine I've taken would have stopped a rhino mid-charge. Voluntarily getting into water would have just been foolish.
I'm sure that it is not common in the U.S. to take a cold bath with a cold or flu.
Why the focus on the US?

I've not heard of this practice in Europe either
My mom always forbid us to take showers or baths if we had a fever. The one time I did anyway, my fever lingered on for like 3 weeks. Not sure if that was just a coincidence though.

I do like to take a hot shower if I have a cold because it seems to loosen things up a bit but I don't like baths at all.
In my thankfully limited experience of actual real flu, I don't even want to sit up in the bed much less go as far as a shower or a bath
A hot eucalyptus bath against an arriving cold or when I'm generally cold, but I only had a flu-like state, including fever and a general feeling of being run over by a lorry, once.
On the Erkältungsbad I use, they specifically tell you not to have a bath in case you run with a fever.
Exactly meckle, when I had the flu, I barely wanted to move. When I have aches and such, a bath is nice....
Slightly off topic, but I love adding powdered milk to the bath for that cleopatra moment. Don't know where I read it, but it is supposedly good for dry skin :-)
From my experience... Most guys stopped taking baths when they got to grade 5. It's not the "cool" thing to do. Little boys start to drag dirt in and their moms don't want them to swim around in a bath with it. So they start to take showers... Not to mention, boys don't want to take a lot of time cleaning themselves. They have better things to do, like play video games. In and out.

Me on the other hand, I used to get yelled at for staying in the shower/tub for over an hour at a time...

As for the cold... I love to take a hot bath when I'm sick or tired... The steam in the nose is great and the warm water is soooooo relaxing. I think boys just get used to their showers and don't even think of it as an option...

@Mlovett: Thera-Flu & jacuzzi jets. Oh yeah!

I feel like Germans are afraid to take medicine because of the chemicals, and Americans just don't care and want to feel better immediately. My fiance is always trying to make me "sweat it out" and "don't take too much ibuprofen" or don't drink anything with that Tylonol cause "it's bad for you!" Or my favorite recent one... "How could you take that with soda?!"

Now with all this bath talk.. I'm off to take a bath!
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