Replacing a lost German driver's license

How and where to go about this in Munich

Well we're on the topic of lost stuff. i recently lost my wallet - anybody know how one is to go about replacing a german drivers licence? I've accepted the fact that my canadian licence is gone
for the german d.l., go back to the place it was issued to replace it. i don't mean that to sound smart, but where I used to live it was the "Ordnungsamt" which was the same place you could go to register, get a new passport and get your residence permit too.
here in munich however, everything seems to be split up.
Thanks for the tip the my problem is that my drivers licence was issued in Hamburg, and i'm not living in hamburg anymore. Do you think i need to go back there? Or will it be sufficent enough to go to the "Ordnungsamt" in my city?
Should by no problem to do this in munich... Driver´s licences are registered in a central database. You simply say, you lost your driving license, then fill out a few forms an thats it. And, don´t forget the photo

Oh and go early! The other posters are spot on but take your ID, your Meldeschein, 2 photos (I'm not sure if it is 1 or 2 but take 2 just in case) and something to read because the queues can be very big.
Had a search but don't see a thread mentioning where I've gotta go to change a Dutch licence to a German one..

anyone advise on location, costs etc?
@Shaggy...see thread might be different for EU exchanging but...

I think it is all done in the same place for most people exchanging. I went down and did mine. Had to get my original license translated at ADAC first...then took the translation, original license, passport, two passport photos along to the issuing office. It took 6 weeks but all I had to do was go and pick it up. Oh yes...and wait in a very long queue...but I guess that just goes without saying here doesn't it?!

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Jules Winnfield
Just to be sure, are replacement licenses issued the same day? Thank you.
That's a definite no, as all German driver's licenses are printed centrally by the Bundesdrückerei. Turn-around is about a week (officially I think 2-4 weeks) and may be able to be expedited, but it certainly isn't same-day service.

The local Führerscheinstelle (or other issuing authority) may be able to give you a temporary document in the interim.
It takes approx. 4 weeks ... but

... Da die Bearbeitungszeit ca. 4 Wochen dauert, können Sie bis zur Aushändigung Ihres Ersatzführerscheines auf Wunsch eine "Befreiung von der Führerscheinmitführpflicht" erhalten, die jedoch nur innerhalb Deutschlands gültig ist. Die zusätzliche Gebühr dafür beträgt 11 EUR ...
Jules Winnfield
Thanks for the info.
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