Primark coming to Essen

In the old C&A building

Noticed today that Primark will be opening soon in the centre of Essen.
we want one in Munich too
My daughter is disgusted that Primark have opened here. She had always been able to buy some cheap and cheerful new clothes when she visited her Gran in Ireland, but now lots of her friends are wearing the same.
I think there'll be one opening in Hannover soon. I'm interested to see what their stuff is like.
one in Dortmund comes in August, can't wait
Hmm, having experienced Primark customer service in the UK, and knowing in general the comparison between the standards of retail service between the UK and Germany, it may be a long while before we decide to make that visit.
Awesome. One thing I remember was how expensive clothes were last time I was in Germany. Moving for good tomorrow, so now I have a place to get cheap stuff. Woho! Hopefully it'll be cheap anyway.
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