Status of A100 extension to Treptow - Berlin

Is construction due to start soon?

Just took a walk through the allotments that are parallel to the Ringbahn roughly here and found that the area is being fenced off and the allotments bulldozed. I'm wondering is A100 construction imminent or is this just preparatory work. Anyone any idea? Checked Wiki and it doesn't say with any certainty. While it's sad to see the allotments go, the A100 will hopefully remove a lot of surface traffic from this part of Berlin city streets.
El Jeffo
The latest thing I remember reading is that the whole project is on ice until after the election, so I suspect the construction is unrelated to that project.

If we end up with Green participation in the government - whether as the majority or minority member - the whole thing is likely to be scotched. You'll remember, they insist that autobahns are a bad thing because they let people get places faster in their cars, thus making car travel more attractive. Can't have that, can we?
English Matt
Well no we can't when there are good public transport options in the vicinity. That whole area is quiet and calm and quite nice, the autobahn would run past a large number of homes (mine isn't far away from there either) and will have a detrimental effect on the people that live here. There really aren't that many cars on the roads around here (compared to other big cities), even Sonnenallee isn't that bad, and at the end of the day I'd rather see more allotments in Berlin than more tarmac and concrete.
I'll eat my hat if the bulldozing of these allotments (many of the small buildings have already been levelled) isn't related to the A100. The road is due to run directly through the area currently being razed. They are also erecting new fencing, presumably to prevent squatting the site between now and construction start. The new fence runs exactly parallel to the planned new extension.

Matt: I am of two minds about the whole project. I'm living very close to the future alignment (Ederstr/Sonnenallee) and so it'll probably be audible from here. Much of the route however seems set to be put in a cut and cover tunnel. They did this for the Britz section and built a nice park on top of it. If they do something like that it'll be an improvement tbh. There is a fair amount of rat running along Eder and Treptower streets I think as there simply is no other (logical) way for vehicles to get from the Treptow area to the A100. I would hope the extension would reduce this. We have to remember that not all vehicular traffic is private car commuting either. There are all manner of traffic movements that can't be accommodated by the (excellent) public transport system, a system I use every day as a non-car owning commuter.
El Jeffo
You're much closer to the action, murphaph, so if you say it's A100-related, I'll buy it. But if that's the case, I must say I'm surprised that they've restarted such a potentially controversial project so close to election time.
Yeah, me too. It is deffo the A100. Check out the pics here. I too find it incredible that they went ahead with this sort of destruction, before the A100 extension has even been given the go ahead for construction, something that may well not happen for years/at all.
Kind of sounds like they're doing what they can in bits and pieces until they get the full go ahead. Having to sit stuck at the Grenzallee turn off every other day because of overwhelming amount of traffic forced to drive through one tiny little side road in trepow, I don't know if I'm really against it.

Article from rbb January
Looks like it's going ahead. Lovely. Not too sure how I feel about this, as someone said the rents will go down where I am in compensation. Sounds unlikely. Will get me out of bed in the morning though
Rents can go down in Berlin?
I know, I know. That was my reaction too.
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