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How and where to junk unwanted cars

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Hi all,

my car is about to die and I want to get rid of it. Selling it would be difficult because it's registered in France, so I suppose it's off to the scrapyard.

Anyone know any scrapyards in Munich and how much it costs?

Take the plates off, angle grind the VIN off (remember to do the one on the engine too), drive it 1/2 a mile, park it, leave it there forever. Simple.
eBay for 1 Euro.

Or - although you have to pay a registration fee so you might lose money... same for E-Bay now that I think of it.

Or buy a new or used car from a dealer on the condition that they dispose of your old one. Come to the think of it, they'll probably dispose of it for you anyway but knowing German burocracy, there's probably some sort of fee involved.
Keydeck and both allow you to place ads for free. Worth a try!

Could you arrange for someone to steal it and then claim on your insurance, oder?
Johnny English
This is why I love being British! Of the three replies two suggested clearly illegal routes.

Are you planning on buying another car over here? Or do you know anyone that is? If so, maybe you can get the dealer to take it off your hands for free. That´s what I did with my old Portugese registered car. They were willing to do it as they then waited for a Bulgarian man to come over and whisk it off over there, hence making money out of it. Needless to say none of it was past onto me, but at least I got rid of the car for free.
3 Lions
drive it 1/2 a mile, park it, leave it there forever. Simple.
And if you are a British northerner, you can burn it out at the same time!
I dumped my car two years ago when it refused to start, which was the last straw

I called up an autoabschleppdienst, man turned up with truck, removed the number plates and gave them to me, took Euro 80 in cash, and the car never troubled my sleep again.
Ha! Some great suggestions here. Thanks everyone.

Unfortunately I won't be able to trade it in because we've already got a replacement. I like the idea of auctioning it off though. Or, if anyone here on the board wants it (it still goes), then I'm willing to trade it for a carton of chocolate milk. Or maybe someone will steal it...

A friend of mine totalled his car by skidding on the icey roads here in Munich a few weeks ago. He took it to the scrap yard where it was crushed into a cube the size of a dishwasher. He said that yes, he did have to pay for this. Which surprised me. I thought the scrap yard would pay you. For the scrap metal price. Can't tell you how much he had to pay though, sorry. I'd guess round about 60 yoyos. Just my guess.
No! Now I face the reality of my lovely little Renault being turned into a dishwasher, I'm starting to feel very guilty.

Maybe I should donate it to the Deutsches Museum instead, and they can put it on display as the last car in existence which still has an Eight-track player in it.

No, sod it, it would be much more fun to have it squished into a little cube.

I went up to Wigan in it over Christmas and left it parked outside the parents' house all week. Nobody stole it. Or torched it. Bastards.
Park it where all those protests are happening today and put a Bush/Cheney election sticker on it, you might just get lucky.

Alternative suggestion, May 1 in East Berlin.
For anyone who has seen or been in our car, it's no surprise. Our 1994 Suzuki Swift has never failed us...but there's no way we could get it past the next inspection in June. So we've been looking at getting a "new" car, of course. Now, at the last place that we considered buying a car, the car salesman said the best offer on our old car that he could make is that we could leave it there for free. Basically, we'd like to get SOMETHING out of it...but I don't know what to expect. Do junkyards normally pay at least something? Does anyone know what the going rate would be? Anyone know which junkyard might pay more?

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As far as I know junk yards don't pay anything anymore, quite the opposite, you have to pay to get rid of your car. But if you want to try it then I would recommend "Shindelar" in Trudering. You'll find the number in the telephone book.
That's true. When I junked my car back in 2004 (wow, have I really been here that long?), it cost about €60.
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