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Which product specifically

Hello! While in Prague this last weekend, we had a caricature made of my two children and I just love it. How can I preserve it so that the charcoal drawing will always remain the same? Thanks for your help in advance!
Hairspray has always worked for me. A couple of lightcoatings does it normally. I am still using an old can from years ago, so can't recommend a german brand. I'd test the hairspray out on doodle first, of course.
An alternative is to skip the fixative and get your drawing professionally framed under glass using sealed-quality materials. I used to hair spray mine, but after a few years they get really dull, also if you ever have to dust one, it becomes a risk.

You can buy fixative at any art shop.
Iain & Siobhan
I'd go for thew hairspray option, its cheaper and you get to choose the fragrance
Fixativ at any art supply store. I do not know if Idee sell it at theirs though. The price depending on location is about €10-15. Like mentioned above hair spray is a more than viable solution. If using the Fixativ though make sure you do it outside. If not possible use next to a fully open window with good ventilation. I do the latter many times in winter and do not recommend if never done it before. Cheers and congrats on the drawing. I love charcoal. The wife hates it, but I love it. Thanks to me there are permanent finger marks on the wall in case the cops need them.
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