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Hi, I have recently moved to Germany and live in the Munich city area. I wanted to visit a sauna, are there any in the city area that are accessible by public transportation?
Owain Glyndwr
Official city website: M-Bäder (Saunas in Munich)
Müllerisches Volksbad which is run by Munich City Council is beautiful and relatively cheap.
Most swimming pools have saunas. I personally fly to Finland for a good sauna weekend ever year.
I live in Erding and it's hard to top the Therme Erding. It's a little on the expensive side but it is worth it. I usually spend the afternoon there about once a month. It 's really nice spa. Check it out.
All the saunas here are mixed except for maybe one day of the week each: Damensauna. Men don't get their own day afaik.
7pm Mondays at Nordbad is my favourite.

The Aufguss is extra long and they dish out the honey for free. Note, you rub the honey into your body. Or your neighbour's body. Don't eat it.

The sauna is usually pretty packed and finding a Sitztplatz can be hard. But that makes it all the more fun. People are usually in high spirits and if you're lucky you get the Bademeister who thinks he's a comedian.
I am a big fan of the Phoenixbad in Ottobrunn. I think they have 9 different Saunas; Finnish, aromatics, etc., plus steamroom, indoor/outdoor heated pool that's open all year (even in winter), hot tub, a sonnenstudio, a decent restaurant, and offer all kinds of theraputic services - massages, etc.

The Sauna area is separate from the public areas, so it's discreet and you can feel comfortable being totally naked. The patrons are diverse ages and nationalities, but all seem pretty easy going.

Give it a try. 4 Hours sauna is about €12 I think. No other entry fees.

Propellor Head
Depending on what you are looking for, you may find it at the Schwabinger Men Sauna.
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this certainly must be the nicest sauna in Munich - Thursday Ladies Day!!

Large, clean and stylish...2 min walk from U4 Prinzregentenplatz
DMGK nice place in Olching west of Munich for People living in the FFB area.
You find more about the Munich saunas here ,
adresses etc. you find here
This is probably too much information, but I used to visit the Muellerisches Volksbad kind of often (mostly on ladies' day), and I always offloaded weight for a couple of days afterwards. I did drink a lot of water while in the sauna, as recommended, but it wasn't till the next day that I would pee an ungodly amount, hence the temporary weight loss.

One of the nice things about the Volksbad is that you can pay a little extra for a private dressing room. These rooms also have a shelf bed, so you can enjoy a little nap during your four hours at the sauna. (These rooms are not private enough to get up to any highjinks, in case anyone's wondering. They're about as private as a dressing room in a department store.)

I think all the city saunas have special features like the honey rubs and fresh fruit on certain days/times, which are listed on the website.
sauna in the city on suunday night


Myself and my wife are staying in the city on Sunday night and would like to find a sauna that we could attend. We will be staying near the main train station and thus would ideally like something that is in walking distance or a short taxi ride, as we don’t know the cit at all.

Thanks if you have any advice.

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get a taxi ride to the Müllerische Volksbad. it's about 10mins away.
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