Germans do love a good nose-blowing

But why so loud?

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Don't think anyone's worried about it "hurting", it's just the act of pouring a saline solution in one nostril and letting it pour out the other.

@Ivo I've never used a nasal spray, but last winter my friend gave me this nasal gel stuff to try out that would stop a runny nose. You squeeze the gel into your nose and then pinch your nose so you close your nostrils. Holy hell. The sensation was weeeeird but it definitely cleared up my nose.
Dear mother,

Thank you for breastfeeding your kids at a time when few others did.

Allergy-free yours,
<<Allergy-free and never breastfed.
And it's the best cure when having sinusitis problems.
So is there some widespread genetic defect that affects 80% of all Germans? It's a pretty unusual national characteristic.
Chad, you're still very young... best go knock on some wood.
Na, most allergies develop when one is a child (pre-teen) or occur later in life when they encounter something they were not exposed to. However, just like me, you also have the possibility of developing allergies later .
I know quite a few people who developed allergies in their late 20s, my husband included. I am well beyond that age, and into the serious diseases now.

He had fewer sinus issues while in Germany... like my mother, he is allergic to California [plants]. Or, maybe just to me.
john g.
Na, most allergies develop when one is a child (pre-teen) or occur later in life when they encounter something they were not exposed to. However, just like me, you also have the possibility of developing allergies later .
Are you kidding, Chad? Pre-teen?

My allergies came later:
bills of ANY kind
nose-blowing in Germany

The list is mind-blowing, not only nose-blowing

Please PM me for a private list!
@Mlovett maybe you and Cali are a combination his sinuses just can't handle

... I could try a million times, and still not be able to sound like a flugelhorn...
lol I have honestly tried to blow my nose like my German BF does it (in private of course) and I can't get it to happen!! How can anyone blow that hard and make that noise?!
If you have a cold it's okay to discretely wipe/blow your nose at the table. "In Deutschland darf man das" says etiquette trainer Imme Vogelsang from Hamburg, but for a real hard blow you leave the table and go to the toilet.
I am always worried about those Germans close to me. Suppose one of them hemorrhages a blood vessel up there and dies right in front of me? What should I do? Stuff a newspaper up there and call 110?

And then there was the time on the train, flirting with a woman sitting across from me when she suddenly pulls out a Tempo and does a Capriccio in A that would make Dizzy Gillespie envious. I would have been happy to not notice the booger (if there even was one) hanging in her left nostril over the ear splitting nose blowing. My audiologist says I went to too many rock concerts when I was younger but I am convinced it was her that damaged my hearing.
Mommy's nose is scary:

My five-and-a-half-month old son Emerson isn't sure what to think when I blow my nose. Sometimes he's terrified, then he can't stop laughing.
Five-and-a-half month-old Emerson is the Internet's latest superstar in diapers.

The mommy should try it with other things.

Silly baby, does it scare you when mommy lights her bong? You silly baby.
People actually think sniffling is loads worse than nose-blowing? Seriously? Let's break this down.

Man blows nose and you get:

1) Loud fucking noise that tells everyone within a mile radius that someone is ejecting their insides through their nostrils.

2) Chance for "shrapnel" due to the utter abandon people here blow their nose with. With some of the nostril-massage type nose-blowers, you also get to see the illusion of spiders crawling out of their nostrils when it's actually just hair. Fun FUN!

3) Snot Rags either left on the table, where the offenders sit (and left in between seat cushions...gotta love that), or stuffed in their pockets so they'll be sure to slather part of that slimy mess on themselves when they shove their cold hands in those same pockets just minutes before they shake your hand. Hooray for transmitting nastiness and possible viruses. Yaaaay!

Man sniffles and swallows:

1) Mile radius from Nose-Blow goes to about a 10ft radius unless you're a certified redneck with the inherent ability to do just about anything in the grossest way possible.

2) Chance for "shrapnel" is pretty much zero unless you happen to be french kissing this person while they're sniffling. Could happen, I guess.

3) No snot rags to be found unless you get the above mentioned redneck spitting right on the middle of a sidewalk to astonished gasps of the natives who will then grumble while stepping over a "normal" thing like a steaming pile of dog crap without so much as a glance. Risk of virus transmission not so high unless the suction of the sniffle is so strong that it causes a vacuum-born breeze that fluttered by a natives neck...thus causing them to have Cancer. You selfish bastard.
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