Maps of Munich postal codes (Postleitzahlen, PLZ)

Online or printed post code maps

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The title says it all really. I'd like an overview of which PLZ codes are where here in Munich:

- preferably electronic
- it needs to be more detailed than this, which is the best I could find.

Thanks for any help.
I've been after the same thing. The best I have found isMapBlast which lets you enter the PLZ alone. It doesn't tell you what section of town you're looking at (of interest to me) but it sure narrows the search.
Here is a list without the map!

and if you zoom out it lists the plz under this link

or you can buy one from the post for 15,30 Deutsche Post
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How about STATTAUTO München Carsharing? It's got a PLZ search with maps. You put in the PLZ which you get from the other links, and then the form tells you what part of town you're in, and then click on "Zur markierten Station" and you get a map of the Stattauto Station that's in that PLZ.
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Still not sure exactly what you want, but a combination of these things will get you all the PLZs in Munich and maps of the area. Most paper maps have the PLZs marked on them too actually.
Was anyone ever able to find a better PLZ map. It would be a great help for the apt search.
I use the one on the Deutsche Post site itself - you enter all the relevant info and it gives you the PLZ -
I'm looking more for a printable map of the city with plz overlays, for quick reference.
Sorry, can't help you there

Does anyone know of an online map that shows PLZ's for Munich?

Many thanks

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If you're trying to find out a particular PLZ then just use Google maps or Stadtplandienst and put the street name in to see the PLZ.
Owain Glyndwr
there is also a PLZ search on the Post website:
Owain Glyndwr
this one might be exactly what you are looking for:

edit: maybe not because you can't zoom in.
Sorry wont work, which is why I want a map show PLZ's. I am trying to use an online Filialesuche and if you put in München you end up with a list of PLZ's to select. I have no idea what PLZ are around the Ostbahnhof hence I need the map. I seem to recall the front pages of Das Örtliche show this info but sadly I dont have one to hand.
Owain Glyndwr
choose a street near the Ostbahnhof, enter this into the PLZ search at the post and voilá:

Orleansplatz (right in front of the Ostbahnhof) is 81667.
is it 81667 ?

also Rosenheimerplatz and most of Rosenheimerstr. is 81669
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