The Freshman Program at FH Aachen

Anyone ever taken it?

I am a Canadian, wanting to take the freshman program in Aachen. I was wondering if anyone has ever taken it or knows someone who has and what is the process you have to go through? I already know I qualify for the program academically. I just don't know how it can be financed??? All of the scholarship websites are confusing and there are no actual applications or anything... I'm really confused. 16,000 euros is a lot. and then to prove you have 643 a month available as well.. has anyone else done this before?? Thanks!
Yes, 16,000 € is a lot. What and where exactly are you planning to study? Unless it is some special private school, I don't know why it would be 16k.
Are you sure you have to prove the 643 a month? It appears on the website that the 16,000 covers everything except a 400 euro deposit for your room:
Eine Hinterlegung von Geld auf einem Sperrkonto wegen des Visums ist nicht erforderlich.
Here's the page, in case I missed something: FH Aachen (German) (English)
Techgirl, of course you’re right. I just didn’t bother even googling it since I was assuming there was a typo somewhere.


Why do you want to study there? I think it is just an all-inclusive "Studienkolleg". You do realize that you can find similar programmes for a fraction of the cost, right?

As far as financing, you can apply for a Canadian student loan, but IMHO I think you are better off finding another Studienkolleg. Or even better, you might be able to apply for direct admission to a German university if you have taken the appropriate high school courses.
That's just what I was thinking. I don't really understand the point of this Freshman Program.
Well, my knowledge of German is basically 'shisse' THATS WHY lol. I want to go on to the Automation and Controls Engineering program at Uni Duisburg-Essen that is the end goal. But I will need a studienkolleg or a "T-program" (???) or... something as a prerequisite I realize some studienkollegs are cheaper but I can't find anything else that would get me into that program, or if worse comes to worst, at least a decent Electrical Engineering program at a University...
Thanks for the help by the way
Well, my knowledge of German is basically 'shisse' THATS WHY lol.
Do you have a particular reason for wanting to study in Germany?
Yeah. To learn it. Makes sense to me.
Do you have a particular reason for replying to this thread?
Small Town Boy
99.9% of the courses in Germany cost between €70 and €500 per semester. This includes many English-language courses. I don't blame universities for trying to increase their income through foreign students, but it looks like they're taking you for a ride. If learning German is your main aim, the Goethe Institute will get you to C1 level for about one-fifth of that price. You may also be unaware that a Fachhochschule is below the technical university level in Germany.
Thank you so much. That is very useful information!! Yes, that is my main aim right now; to learn the language and culture before I pursue my degree.
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