Have you ever seen somebody accidentally nude?

Your girl/boy friends and spouse not included...

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I have read in books and watched in films how somebody accidentally saw someone nude. The biggest example is that of a certain gentleman in History who viewed his real son's wife naked and then went on to marry her himself...

Well, sincerely not wanting to invite controversies I merely wanted to know if you ever appeared to see something that was not meant for your eyes. As to myself, well, several years ago I merely saw a young woman playing with her assets on her terrace one fine summer break of dawn time at a place on the globe where this sort of thing is highly highly objectionable.
john g.
Well, yes, I have! I was 21 or so and got taken in by a family when I was travelling around.( The son of my age persuaded his mum I was a new friend ). Mum said ok. On the second day I accidentally walked into her bedroom ( I´ve always been a bit absent-minded, I reckon ) and she was stark raving naked. She swore at me and I became an ex-guest on the spot.

I hope, as a disclaimer, no one has accidentally seen me nude! It wouldn´t do their fantasy world much good!
A few times. When I was 14 we went to the hospital to visit my mom's friend and as she was getting out of the bed I got a perfect view between her legs. I think it was her daughter who told her that she was flashing me. The woman said something like, "so what, he's not interested in what an old lady looks like down there." Being the wise-ass that I am, I said, "you don't know much about 14 year-old boys, do you?"

Another time I went with a friend of mine to visit his older sister. We knocked on the door and heard, "come in, Chris". What she had actually screamed was, "don't come in, Chris". We opened the door just in time to see her naked ass running out of the room. She had been giving her husband a hair cut, and I guess it was normal for them to do that naked.

Also got a very nice look at my neighbor's boobs, which were on display due to a bikini top that was too loose. Eventually I told her that you could see them, as I figured that may be something she'd want to know, but not before getting a nice picture burned into my mind for "use" at a later time.
My nephew who is just turning 20 and his friends tell me how they like to hang around newly wedded or in-love couples, and especially like to sit patiently under staircases to get extra glimpses of ladies going up. While still at school, they liked to throw water on girls playfully to guess the lingerie colors...
I often see Nude folk... Working on roofs etc a lot of folk think they are "out of view"

however, I am not sure its "accidental" as i do make an effort to "scout" !!!
Only once really. When my BF and I went to Barcelona we stayed in a hostel. We were the only ones in our little "apartment", but apparently some other people moved in when we were asleep and they didn't know we were there either. I opened the door of the bedroom to go take a shower, and ran right into a girl who didn't have any clothes on.
When I was 12 I was walking through the woods in R. Island and came a upon a Playboy shoot. What a treat. They asked if they should stop and cover up the models, and we said please, please don't.
Ah yes, and a friend of mine once related to me how he was on a visit to his friend's house and ventured to use the washroom in need. He opened the door unsuspectingly and saw his friend's beautiful wife fully nude and fresh from her bath. She screamed and grabbed for her towel but missed the catch and the towel instead fell into water. And the friend was too stupified even to go out of the bathroom, remove his gaze or mumble sorry or something....
Back in 1979 during our class trip to Rome we stayed in a pension whose rooms were grouped around an inner courtyard. I happened to glance across to one of the other rooms where Peter F. had just come out of the shower, strutting through the room he was sharing with three other guys, mother-naked. Then he saw me and grabbed the nearest towel. He was a hairy bastard considering he didn't even shave yet at the time.

Hehehe, class reunion in two months, I get to remind him of it ...
Years ago, I was staying with my boyfriend's roommates in Vancouver and took off touring for some days. Came back one day early and surprised one of them by walking into the house just as he was strolling about naked. He scooted off upstairs and started crying with embarrassment, which was pretty awful.

First apartment in Berlin, on a narrow street, I was watering the plants on the balcony at 3am one summer evening- stark naked because it was damn hot and no-one was around, and the lights weren't on, and the balcony opposite belonged to a woman who never had male visitors, or so I thought.
So I applied the watering can to the eucalyptus trees, then looked up and the man standing on the balcony opposite's head suddenly whipped off to one side, like "oh no, I wasn't just getting an eyeful...".
At my fitness center I always see naked bodies as soon as I go down the stairs to the locker room. I can't help to see naked bodies even if I did not wanted to, because the lockers are at the door on both women and man side which are directly across from each other.

You go down the stairs to the locker rooms you see nudity. When your a man and you leave the man locker room and a person is coming or leaving out the women room you see nudity and viversa. At first I giggle always going down slowly down the stairs now I think I got my fix, lol.
Ugh, I wish I could say my experiences were somehow erotic.. but no. When I was in law enforcement we responded to a house where the adult son was drunk and asleep on the driveway. As I woke him up I told him to stand up and walk inside. He stood up and his pants dropped to the floor and I said, "Dude! Pick up your pants!" So he bent over right in front of me and picked up his pants. It was around 630am and my breakfast tacos (not donuts, this was South Texas mind you) were waiting for me in the unit. Needless to say I lost my appetite and couldn't enjoy them. Dirty, smelly drunk bastard swaying his balls in front of me. Good times.

Then there was the time I had to chase a guy outside the courthouse as he ran around naked.. but I'm sure Hondoman or any other LE folks would have stories like that too.
Not quite nude but ....

It was my first flat here in Karlsruhe. An old Hinterhof flat - small building, two flats mine and another. We shared the loo in the landing.

One evening the neighbour rings at my door and asks if he could borrow a pair of my knickers. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

He had just been on the loo and the door of his flat shut. He needed to go to the landlord, in the front house, to get a spare key.

He was "unten ohne" but, at least he was wearing a vest. He wasn't that hunky.
Yes, I was once or thrice nude and accidentally saw someone whilst enjoying my buffness.. quite disturbing I might add
I don't think the freaks who pulled over their cars to wank their willies while pretending to ask for directions while I walked home from school count... not exactly accidental.
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