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Moving with older non-German speaking children

We are moving this summer to Stuttgart with the US military and want to put our children age 9 and 13 in schools where they will learn German/become bilingual. Are there any state schools that offer bi-lingual education? Are there any other bi-lingual options other than the Swiss International School? Should we perhaps consider sending the 9 year old to German school (and having him repeat 3rd grade as per the advice on the thread about children that age, which I have read)? I am concerned about trying to immerse the 13 year old, although we are willing to have her repeat 7th grade. She is a very strong student, rated gifted in the US, and is keen to learn German.

Thanks for any advice.

Bilingual schools in Stuttgart. No idea on fees or languages spoken but this is a good list. How long are you staying here? If it's a 3 year tour, your 13 year old will be 16/17 when you leave and unless they take online classes they will not have enough credits to graduate from a US high school should you return there. I doubt German high school classes will give the relevant credits required. Just something to bear in mind or research more.

The other thing you can do is to enroll your kids in sports in the town you will be living. I know many kids who were fluent just from playing sports 3 times a week, it's a good way to meet other parents too. My DD played soccer in our town and made a few friends that way.
Just FYI, The middle schools here have German classes as an elective starting in 7th grade. The elementary kids learn spanish as a 'specials' class. The base has language classes, and there are people who privately tutor kids in German.
These are really helpful. Nicole, thanks for that website.
There is also the BaSICS programme of the International School of Stuttgart, which offers a dual language immersion programme in English/German.
Thanks for the ISS Basics info. Do you know anyone who uaedbthat program?
I know people at both the ISS in Sindelfingen and the main campus in Degerloch. They all like the school. I've heard rumblings about the Swiss Intl school in that it doesn't have many native English speakers, so some of the locals don't feel like they're getting their money's worth. Also, sending your kids to the base military schools is free, whereas the ISS and Swiss school are in the ball park of $15,000-$25,000 a year per child. Someone please correct me on the true $ amount, I think it varies by age category...????
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