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Think there's been a miscommunication here

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So I'm kind of seeing a German guy at the moment and I'm kind of confused by something he said to me recently. Now, I don't really speak a lick of German but sometimes I use a translator and dictionary to text him cute things because it seems to make him very happy. He was leaving for the weekend so I said "Ich werde dich vermissen" which as I understand it means "I'll miss you". He repiled with "Ich dich auch" which I thought meant something along the lines of "And I you" but I looked it up this morning and it seems to be shorthand for "I love you too". Is this correct or is the Internet lying to me? Did I mispeak? I'm extremely confused..
Whatever you say, if the other person says "Ich dich auch", it applies to the verb you used. If you said "Ich hasse dich" then he could also say "Ich dich auch!"
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It only means "I love you too" if you'd said "I love you". As you said "I'll miss you", it means "I'll miss you too".

Edit: As Gen said.
Thanks, that's what I figured but it had me a bit freaked out. That's part of the problem with using translators though I suppose..
That's part of the problem with using translators
We're a pretty decent bunch for the most part, honest.
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Me and some other translators helping earlier in the thread
Pardon me, I meant online translators like Google Translate or online dictionaries. No offense was intended. I wasn't trying to disparage the help you guys/girls are giving me D:
Yes, it literally means "I you too", so you are basically agreeing with whatever the other person has just said about you.

"Ich liebe Dich" = I love you
"Ich Dich auch" = I love you too

"Ich hasse Dich" = I hate you
"Ich Dich auch" = I hate you too

I suspect that the computer translation was referring to a situation in which it might have been used - sometimes it´s just best to follow your heart and say what you feel to be right!

Edit: Gen, you are looking really good this evening!
Yeah generally I agree it's just an extremely complicated situation at the moment and my incredibly clumsy manner of speaking/writing probably doesn't help lol.
May I suggest that if things are that complicated, you stick to English?
Lol yes, the thought had certainly crossed my mind as well But like I said, I only German to say cutesty shit to him..

Gaaahhh I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to offend anyone! That's not at all what I meant.

(See I can't even speak my own language clearly >.>)
No one was offended, dear. They are just teasing you a bit, and this translator lot especially like word play.
Ok good
I only German to say cutesty shit to him..
- then I'm not at all sure that I actually understand the problem here...
What do you mean?
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