Are there free German language courses?

Interested in learning German, but limited budget.

From my experience in Italy where I could find the centers to learn Italian for foreigners for free 1-2 times a week, I expected similar here... having searched the internet have found only paid with crazy prices up to 2000 euro per month that is just too much as I am a student and doing internship here.

Any information or suggestions will be appreciated!

1. Do a search on Toytown, there are a massive number of threads on this. Perhaps try "cheap" rather than "free" as a search word.
2. There are integration courses which sounds the sort of thing you're after, but I don't know if you would qualify if you are only here for an internship - again, search the site and you will find information on this
2. Try finding a partner for language exchange - there are often a few Germans who will let you practice your German on you in order to practice their English on you later.
3. The cheapest courses I know of are from the Volkshochschule. These might be better suited to your needs as a short-term visitor.
thanks for the reply, gonna search again now
Hi! I´m learning in Frankfurt VHS. The courses are quite good and the price is among 150-235 euro per level. The cheapest price is part of the integration program, but you have to ask there....I didn´t pay ´cause my company actually did it for me!
There are two main centers, one in Frankfurt and one in Höchst.
The next courses are starting in April, but you need to go there before (even now) to test your level and book!
Hurry up, ´cause a lot of people book in advance!
If you can prove to the VHS that you are a student with some official paper from your uni, you get a 40% discount, and if you can prove that you are unemployed with a paper from the Arbeitsamt, you get a 50% discount. So for their A1-B1 courses (ie level 1-6) which cost 235 EUR for 100 hours, that's approx 1.40 EUR per hour if you are a student. I think that's the best deal you are going to get in Frankfurt for that amount of hours...
Hey to all,

thanks for the advice.

Should I be a student in Germany, if you know...?

HI try the libraries,I am doing a course thats free apart from a 10 euro admin fee,its for a 5 month beginers and 4 month advanced course.I go to the one on Thursdays in Koenigstein library.Its just once a week.But very useful
Definitely look for a VHS. They have various courses. You could join an intensive course that is 4 hrs. a day every day or one that is 2 evenings a week depending how much time you have. The VHS here told me that if I get a paper from the Rathaus, I could get it for 1€ per hour. When I could not get the paper, they said they would give me that price anyway because there were open spaces in that course.
Nick Ryder
VHS courses can be very excellent, IF you get a GOOD teacher, that's the problem, I have the feeling VHS doesn't pay the teachers very well, so you don't always get the best.

Watch out for any course taught by Charlotte Weber, she's arrogant, nasty, and has a dislike of of English and american students, always making snarky comments to them,about their own language, accent, country, and you'll have to ask for a toilet break, she won't normally allow them, once when a student in my class asked for one she said "Ich habe keine Lust"........

I've had plenty of good experiences with these courses too I should say Just not with that damn woman.

I have heard that the Berlitz courses are better, but more intensive, and with far better teachers, and smaller classes.
Thanks for the tip Nick. Dmi3y you just have to go and try. I had Klaus Wenig last term and he is a very good and conscientious teacher, good in explaining grammar and switches between many languages in class. At the same time he also uses his classes as a lecturing platform in which you are NOT expected to challenge his generally very small world view of things (eg explaining to us foreigners why Thilo Sarrazin's views on German decline are spot on) and outrageously prejudiced statements (eg all Jews are smart and all Pakistanis are taxi drivers). So if this is not your cup of tea avoid him like the plague! This term I have someone by the name of Olga Shaefer. Has anyone had her before?
Nick Ryder
wow, didn't know there was a teacher more ignorant and prejudiced than the Weber bitch!
The answer to your question is a resounding YES!! You can absolutely learn German with no cost or in other words "free" - that is if you have access to the internet and a computer (which if you are on here you do!).

Go to and start learning absolutely FREE with the Deutsch Interaktiv course through Deutsche Welle! I am doing this right now and find it just as thorough as the courses I have had the pleasure to "pay" for through my local VHS (the course was called "Tell Me More" and was a few hundred euros!). Before I renewed that course I too was looking at alternatives and found this - hope it helps someone else - it sure helped me!

And, of course the price is RIGHT...FREEEEE!!
wow... that's awesome... thanks a lot... gonna check and try it now...
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