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So I know what everyone is thinking, and I doubt I'll get any useful replies, but I recently was on holiday in Thailand and I miss the Thai massages. I'm sure prices will be a lot more here, but can anyone recommend an affordable place?

Anywhere in Berlin is fine, but I would rather a male masseur.

If you have no useful info, then I'll start the ball rolling with this new Thai tennis player...
Here's hoping this thread has a happy ending.
Harrow: Sorry, don't have any useful info, although you just just make me remember my favourite lines from 'Curb your Enthusiasm':
"Larry says he stopped the massuese after twelve pumps"
"No way! ... You either do zero pumps or a thousand pumps."
"You should totally go tell your wife you stopped after twelve"

... might well have to get the boxset now, never did see all of them
Here's hoping this thread has a happy ending.
Thanks, but I know how to google, and did try that. Just most places seem "dodgy" or women-led. Was hoping for some more personal input on the matter
Do you want the Thai sex-filled massage or the real Thai physical massage?

The real Thai physical massage is done by plain-looking Thai women... middle-aged and plump even. But they do the 'bone-breaking' that is prevalent in the physical Thai massage... They stretch every tendon and muscle you have too.
Quite an experience and even females go for this Thai physical massage. (Note : absolutely no sex involved.)

The other type is I think an euphemism for brothels? Females DEFINITELY don't go there.
I've actually been wanting to have a real Thai massage, but I've been afraid that I would wander into a brothel by accident. Anyone know a good place with plain women who give great massage at a decent price, not too far from the U9/U7 Wimerdorf Charlottenberg area?
And how can I tell whether a place is a real sauna/massage place or a brothel by looking from the outside?
Try googling for Traditionelle Thai Massage, that should do the trick.
I just came up with this result, sounds like what you are looking for. No idea if they are any good, but maybe worth checking out?
Good luck!
peek a boo
Lovepuss the link shows a lot of young, attractive women. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, but Gail123 wants 'plain women'. Whatever they are!
I was referencing a Lovepuss in post #5, actually.
But thanks! That's about 7 minutes from me and I will check it out this week- it seems very straightforward.
I still don't know how to tell if the sauna down the street is a brothel or not, but maybe I'll drag a friend with me sometime and check.
peek a boo
I have just read post 5. Sorry.

The brothels often have red neon signs/objects in their windows. I think that's what they are.
This is in the TT Berlin Adverts section:

Thai Yoga MASSAGE in the comfort of your own HOME
Professional and perceptive Massage - in-home


ETA: I would recommend not judging a massage therapist by his/her gender, but by his/her skill. A good, professional massage therapist should make you feel comfortable regardless of gender. I am a MT and have had good and bad sessions from both male and female therapists.
This place is legit:

They have rooms separated by curtains, and both male and female masseuses. Have been there twice, both times left happy (without the ending!)
This one seems also ok:
How about some thigh massage instead?
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