Organic Food stores in Nuremberg / Erlangen area

Where is the antibiotic- / pesticide-free food?

Looks like we are headed back to Germany after 4 years in the U.K., this time to the Nuremberg/Ehrlangen area instead of Munich. As I am rather an Organic food nut, can anyone tell me if there are large organic food markets and where. We had "Basic" in Munich, which was a large shop complete with meat, etc.
Did you try google? I just did and it showed as the first result that Nuremberg has a Basic. There are lots of other options in Nuremberg and Erlangen and surrounds. Google Biosupermarkt or Bioladen and Nuremberg or Erlangen and browse the results. Other major chains of organic supermarket include Alnatura (also in Nuremberg).
There's a Basic on Färberstr, and a chain of stores called Ebl Naturkost. I prefer Basic, but Ebl isn't shabby.
There is a huge one in the city, It's right across the street from Solsalitos, I am not sure the name of the street that it's on, but I am sure if you can get to solsalitos all you have to do is cross the street and you will see the Supermarket. It's pretty big and has lots of options there. If you are lazier than I am and still have not googled this information by this evening, then I will google for you and try to get you the address and hopefully website link.
You mean Basic in the Färberstr.?
yup thats right. Exactly the place I was talking about. Thanks GEN
Thank you all. Good to know I will not be adding to my own endogenous hormone levels:-)

So glad there is a Basic there.
There are two Lotus Stores which sell organic food and also offer some ready made meals (little pricey though). One is in the city at the Henkersteg. The otherone is in an area called Gostenhof in the Hessestrasse (close to the subway station Rothenburger Strasse). Here ist their website, which is in German, but it will give you the correct address:
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