Albert Einstein's address in Munich

Any help from the EPO?

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Iceberg Slim
I stumbled across this Toytown Wiki page a while back and wondered about Einstein in Munich. After visiting the special exhibit on Einstein at the Deutsches Museum, I was inspired to dig deep and update the wiki page.

I discovered some really interesting things like:

- Einstein's father's company was the first to provide electric lighting (instead of gas) to the Oktoberfest
- Einstein himself worked as an electrician's assistant cabling the Schottenhammel tent

And that the family first lived on the company premises in Müllerstrasse before moving to their well-known Adlzreiterstrasse address (and no, they never lived on Einsteinstrasse - though it is named for him).

What I couldn't find out was the address of the company. So, I thought, they registered patents, the address must be on the patent. However, you can only search patents from the 1880-1894 era if you know the number. I don't know any of those.

Your mission should you choose to accept:

Find patent numbers, or the address itself, for the company J. Einstein & Cie published probably by Jakob or Hermann Einstein between 1880 and 1894?

Good Luck and God Speed.
The EPO was set up in 1973. Try the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office).
or via DE server.
Edit : the DPMA was first set up in 1877 acc to their website. Looks like the right guys.
Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted a mission, and for my sins, they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service. It was a real choice mission, and when it was over, I never wanted another.
have one of my trusty examiners checking for you right now...
Iceberg Slim
I tried the DPMA website (or had our Patent guy do it), but I only know the company name. I figured, theoretically, the EPO should have access to all european patent databases and some sort of mongo search-engine. (Plus I know we have some EPO employees in TT).

But I am pretty geeked about finding an answer.
A German patent is not a European patent, but a national patent. There are both national patent information databases as well as a European and worldwide databases.
Espacenet contains all 3 levels of information, depending on which access you click on.
The national German database is, I think, called Depatisnet, or you can use the espacenet German database. (The link seems to be broken atm; I've told the relevant people).

Of course internally the examiners can search on all levels, since it's an international search, but to do that, it'd cost you
hiya IS,

got two Swiss Patents here one from Einstein's father Jakob (no. CH 2131) and one from the company ID Einstein and Co. (CH 15573)

want me to send em to you or can you download em yourself?
Adlzreiterstrasse 14..steps from the Wiesn.
Iceberg Slim
I'll download and take a look myself. They could be from 1895 when the family moved to Zurich, but as far as I know his father had no company there. Let's see.

Thanks Moonboot.


I would be willing to pay, but I am just a poor boy trying to expand his horizons and get through an otherwise boring work week. I am willing to sing for it, or perhaps get drunk and strip in public - but that's a given.
Iceberg Slim
Adlzreiterstrasse 14
Nope. Apparently that was either Adlzreiterstrasse 12 or 14, but that's where they lived from 1885 to 1894. What I'm looking for is their exact address between 1880 and 1885. Which seems to have been somewhere in Müllerstrasse on the premises of the first company building.
CH 2131 is from 21.12.1889 (Munich) & CH 15573 is from 29.11.1897 (St.Gallen)

good luck in your quest...let me know how you get on!

I would be willing to pay, but I am just a poor boy trying to expand his horizons and get through an otherwise boring work week. I am willing to sing for it, or perhaps get drunk and strip in public - but that's a given.
I don't care about the money, not like we're on commission but it's not exactly like I can break the EPC law because I know you either! Sorry.
Iceberg Slim
Well, maybe patents were a dead-end. It seems the patent itself has no address or company information attached. I guess perhaps I will have to look elsewhere.

I saw that the patents had no address but then I found this page via google which def says they had a new shop at that address.


EDIT: If you want the address before that...can't find it yet. Misunderstood back to simulations..
Iceberg Slim
Well, we have access to Diplomarbeit online, I learned from our patent guy and So I downloaded a diploma thesis called:

"Die Elektronische Firma J. Einstein u. Cie in München 1876-1894" by Nicolaus Hettler

In it I found out that the company had the following patents:

- Nr. 41824 „Neuerung an elektrischen Bogenlampen“
Nr. 53207 „Ausschaltvorrichtung für die Selbstunterbrechung bei elektrischen Bogen
- Nr. 53546 „Vorrichtung zur Umwandlung ungleichmäßiger Zeigerausschläge von Elektrizitäts
Messern in eine gleichmäßige, gradlinige Bewegung“
- Nr. 53846 „Neuerung an elektrischen Meß- und Anzeigevorrichtungen“
- Nr. 59347 „Regeleinrichtung für elektrische Bogenlampen“
- Nr. 60361 „Federndes Reibrad“
- Nr. 74429 „Führungsvorrichtung für die Kohlenträger bei Bogenlampen“

and that:

The family lived at Müllerstrasse 3, 3rd floor (the original address of the company and former address of uncle Einstein - who had moved to Fürstenfeldstrasse 7). They registered as living in Munich on 21 June, 1880. The company itself was founded on 12 October, 1880.

So, thanks for the help and if we are to believe Nicolaus Hettler, that's that.

Oh, and as far as I can find, TT is now the only website on the internet providing that information free to the public - or at least the only one that shows up in google when you query "einstein in Munich"
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