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Your experiences working for Arenalingua, bitte!

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I was just wondering if anyone has experience of working for Arenalingua. Any feedback regarding teaching methods/pay/general experience?


I'm registered with arealingua and I never received any hours from them . I know of a few others who are trainers and never received any hours for work with them. It seems they may just want people to help build their database in certain areas and if an opportunity arises they will call you. I would not depend on them for a steady income
I work for them in the NRW area. They do a lot of in company work here. SO if you are willing to travel to companies than they might have more for you. In addition, they recently started an online learning program that also requires some face time. I am not sure if it is in Frankfurt yet, but that can be an opportunity for some regular hours as each session is 4 hours.

They (like most schools) are not the best paid jobs, but they do pay promptly and provide all materials for the courses. Good Luck!
Thanks a lot! That's helpful to know
I wanted to see if anyone else had any experiences with this company?
I'd like to apply for any position in Germany (not just Frankfurt).
I went to their website but didn't see anything about basic requirements?
basic requirements seem to be a university degree of some kind and being a native speaker of the language you wish to teach. most people i know who work for arenalingua also have some other favourable background. either they've worked in business (most students will be business english) or they had a language related job (journalist, linguist, writer etc). however i work for them and most of my background is in science.

this seems to be the basicrequirement fro most english teaching jobs.

my overall impression of working for them is alright. i prefer teaching my private students, but i get more hours with arenalingua. admin can be rather disorganised, but as long as u stay on top of your own stuff it really isnt much of a problem. just a tad frustrating.

i mostly have classes in the frankfurt area these days. but in the beginning had to take stuff a bit further out.
I had an interview at Arenalingua about 6 months ago I think and I thought the Director seemed competent and the school fine, but I was a bit suprised at wages that were on offer. They offered me 15 euro per UE, and told me that was only because I had a CELTA. Those without CELTAs would be paid 13 euros!!

So, they obviously do accept people with no teaching qualification, they just pay them even less. I'm sure there was a week or so of Arenalingua traning to complete, but this is regardless of whether you have experience/qualifications or not.

I don't know if these wages are still current, but I imagine people move on pretty quickly if they are, as every other school I have interviewed with pays more than that, and some substantially so.
Stay away.
They bully. Generally the bullying is acted out explicitly by "managers". The bullying puts all staff, not just those who are being directly bullied, into a state of fear. Once we are in that state we are not able to be positive or creative; it is demotivating, demoralising and debilitating.
Admin fails to praise; threaten and discipline trainers instead of offering constructive criticism. Don’t know how to listen to people.
No Trust. Admin completely micro manages staff and trainers.
Reactive Amin puts significant amounts of stress on both the trainers and staff
Politics and Inequity
Work place ‘politics’ is demotivating and disruptive to staff and trainers. Unequal and unfair treatment of trainers is especially demoralising.
Noel Furlong
Annoying posters
People who can't formulate their ideas into one coherent post and instead make a thread look like a badly designed restaurant drinks menu.
Had a bad experience with them. BTW avoid The New Language School - Heussenstamm like a plague.
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