How do you install Windows 7 through Freedos?

Freedos is ridiculous...

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Please help.

I mistakenly purchased an Asus A52F running Freedos as the OS and now need to figure out how to get Windows 7 onto the beast. I can't get into the BIOS to figure out how to get the machine to recognize the Windows 7 disc, which I have a copy of.

Advice would be greatly appreciated. If it is majorly complex (this already surpasses my tech capabilities), I am willing to pay someone to do it for me.

Hello there

Any Windows 7 disk should be bootable, that is, you should be able to load the cd just by adjusting on the BIOS. If it wont boot than maybe you might have a problem with your disk.

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1. Buy a Legit copy of windows
2. Insert DVD into Drive.
3. Turn on Laptop, and hit F8 for the boot selection menu (You can hit esc key first to see the various details/options)
4. Select DVD/CD Rom
5. Install Windows 7
Try booting your computer with some other disc (Ubuntu, Knoppix, Windows XP). If that works, then your Windows 7 disc is faulty.
No, it just means he didn't select CD/DVD from the boot menu (Didn't hit F8 to get the menu) and the boot order in BIOS
is setup to boot to the hard drive.. Nothings broke. It's a brand new Laptop. Follow my prev. instructions and you'll be good to go.
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Thanks all for the helpful advice.

It turns out I wasn't hitting Escape early enough in the booting process to take me to the BIOS section. For some reason F8 and F12 weren't doing anything but in the end old handy Escape did the trick. Once I got there it took a few attempts but I finally figured it out.

Thanks again.
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