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A morning's entertainment

The first two (of four)packages
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The next pair, arrived the next day. I was there, this time, and received them myself instead of my mother receiving them for me.
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Small Town Boy
Delivery is paralysingly slow this week. On Sunday evening I booked a DHL pickup, but missed the next-day time slot by 40 minutes, so had to book for Tuesday. On Tuesday they came to tell me that they couldn't collect and would return tomorrow (cheekily putting down that the packet wasn't ready for collection). They picked it up on Wednesday morning but it's still not at its destination.

On Monday morning I handed a different packet into a Hermes place but it wasn't collected from there until 26 hours later and it only arrived at the recipient today.

Must be Christmas.

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I sent two packages to the UK last Saturday. They both arrived at their respective destinations on the following Thursday, I've never known the post to be as quick as this! Well impressed!
In retrospect I should have highlighted or circled the part which was noteworthy: The first were received by M DOANE. The second two, though, were received by HAPPY GIRL. It's true. I was happy.
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I read on Wikipedia that one of DHL's main freight hubs is through Cologne. I tried an experiment a few weeks ago with packages of a similar size going to the same country. In the morning I sent a package from Dusseldorf, and in the evening just before the post office shut, I sent a package from Cologne since I was already there for the christmas markets anyway.

Despite my Dusseldorf package having an 8hour head start on my Cologne package, my Cologne package arrived at destination a full 2 days before my Dusseldorf package. And all thanks to a 20-min train ride to Cologne at the end of the same business day :-)
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