Professional jobs in Bonn for English speakers

Are there any?

Hey everyone,

I'm in need to find someone who may be able to give any advice.
After searching for many hours on the internet, companies websites and generally everywhere; I find that I cannot find any professional jobs out there in Bonn for English speaking people.

I've come to Germany, Bonn to live with my partner, but having to travel about 1.5 to 2 hours to work each day... and then another 1.5 to 2 hours back is getting to me. I'm a fairly strong person in character; but man, this is getting tough.

I have a work permit for Germany and am in the IT industry, more focused on the business analyst / project management side rather the the technical stuff. My German is very limited hence, finding jobs where I can just speak English near to impossible in Bonn.

And also if anyone plays squash, who is averagely good and lives in Bonn, and would like a game sometime. Let me know.


FSC-Forest stewardship council
UN(Quite a number of them)

See my previous post about UN jobs in Bonn. Other larger UN organizations in Bonn are UNCCD and UNV - see here for a full list.
I've recently been offered a job with DHL in Bonn in an IT Project Mgt type role. It's 42k, which I'm hesitating over (I was under the impression that's quite low, not sure yet).
Hey guys,

Thanks for your feedback. It was a great help.

@ - Fwoggie,

I guess really it comes down to life style choice.
If I got offered 42k job in Bonn, I'd take it.
Although I'm on a bit more than that; an extra few 1k's on a salary wouldn't be worth 3.5 hours travel a day.

I reckon, if you are fortunate enough to keep on looking then keep on looking; but for Bonn in particular for english speakers; you are very limited. Thus far, for me, Telekom & DHL wanted industry experience; which I have for DHL so still trying to figure out why i'm not a likely candidate. Don't hear back from the UN. Flocert don't pay as well as DHL even. I just have not tried FSC Forest stewardship as mentioned above.

However, you just got to keep on trying.
Also try Telekom, there are a few jobs requiring English. Or T-Systems for IT.
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